5 Johnny Cash Vinyl Records Value

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Do you have a few Johnny Cash records lying around that you think might be worth something? What is the Johnny Cash vinyl records value?

Well, let’s find out by explore five of the most valuable we could find!

1. Salute to Apollo 14

Value: $4300+

There exists a 12-inch as a vinyl record type acetate disc containing Cash’s very own salute to the Apollo 14 capsule that took men to the moon.

Johnny Cash - The Hits

This is a one-track, one-sided record that needs no more sides to convince you of its worth and rarity.

2. The Fabulous Johnny Cash

Value: $1880+

There also exists a version of Johnny Cash‘s first album signed by the man himself, stating: ‘Glad you’re a friend of mine and stay as cute as you are. you’ve got a very good voice. I hope you make it big. And remember stay as pretty and sweet as you are just for me OK?’ The Johnny Cash vinyl records value is through the roof.

The Fabulous Johnny Cash

3. Apache Tears

Value: $1850+

Equally, there exists a version of Cash’s song “Apache Tears” on a super-rare 10-inch acetate promo disc, evidently used to exhibit his work to the masses before official release.

Apache Tears

4. Carryin’ On with Johnny Cash & June Carter

Value: $1000+

Anyone who didn’t know that June Carter and Johnny Cash were a thing needs to get with the program. This is their first album together and the first pressing of their first album together.

Among Johnny Cash records it is clearly rather special for occupying a place so close to his heart. In this way, you might say this is the most valuable record of all.

Carryin' On With Johnny Cash & June Carter

5. Bonanza / Pick a Bale o’ Cotton

Value: $800+

Finally, there also exists a version of this single signed by Cash himself, where he says “To Faye, Your Friend, Johnny Cash”. If it took enrolling at Folsom Prison, I’d still want to be Cash’s friend, more than all the Rolling Stones combined.

bonanza! / pick a bale o' cotton 45 rpm single

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to invest or sell your own records!

FAQs Johnny Cash Vinyl Records Value

How do I find out what my vinyl records are worth?

The best way to ascertain the worth of your records is to use a site like Discogs and match your own pressing with their database.

How much are old vinyl records worth today?

This will very much depend on how rare the item is, how sought after it is, and what condition the sleeve and the disc are in. Each one of these criteria informs each other duly.

What is the most valuable vinyl?

While Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the biggest-selling album of all time, that means it is one of the least valuable because it is so common. Rather, it will be something like the White Album by the Beatles.

What rock and roll vinyl records are worth money?

You will need to check your stock against a site like Discogs for the most accurate information.

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