5 Most Valuable AC/DC Records

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Are you a big AC/DC fan? Do you feel as though you have a record of theirs that might be worth something? What are the most valuable AC/DC records? And, how do you find out how much they’re worth?

All this and more today as we explore the five most valuable AC/DC records and pieces of paraphernalia.

1. Thunderstruck

Value: $500,000+

Though it’s a little bit of a copout, the story behind this one is also quite surprising and unconventional. In a lot of ways, “Thunderstruck” will always be the most valuable AC/DC record because it is difficult to foresee anyone spending more than $500,000 on another record by the band.


Still, the reason it cost so much isn’t because they felt like spending that much in a record store or an online vinyl store. No, this price was for the use of the music in a film, specifically the movie Varsity Blues, a 1999 coming-of-age sports comedy-drama.

Thomas Golubec worked on the film and secured the deal between the producers and the band to ensure that they could legally play the song in the film without any aggro. Of course, it’s no river plate, nor is it a vinyl plate for that matter, but it is selling and for a whole lot of money.

2. 12 of the Best

Value: $3500+

Stepping things down a little bit, we have this record by the band. Though initially intended to be released in 1978, they and the label thought it best to hold off so as not to disturb the sales of their Powerage album. Owing to this, the record has become incredibly collectible and rare, thus increasing its value considerably.

The Definitive AC/DC Songbook: Updated Edition

AC/DC is one of the last great rock bands to still keep the flame alive and this record is no exception. While many great bands from that era are now either deceased or close enough to it that a live show is either out of the question or ought to be, AC/DC still have their powers despite having lost a couple of vocalists along the way.

3. A Gold Record Representation

Value: $1000+

Like the others previously mentioned, the story of this one is also a little unconventional. This was actually a record that the band received in their native Australia – Melbourne to be more specific. The LP was an award intended to honor the band and their ability to achieve gold status in their home country.

Certification is often awarded cumulatively, and it is possible for one release to be certified silver, gold, and platinum in turn. Thus, the band will have worked toward gold status in their time. Considering they had only been a band for a few years at this point, it is rather impressive how popular they had already become.

Beistle Gold Plastic Records

Gold records will be awarded to singles selling 50,000 units, EPs selling 30,000 units, and albums selling 20,000 units. At the same time, the industry introduced a platinum award in recognition of the growth achievement of the Australian market. Thus, we can already see how much dirt AC/DC had command over.

4. 1976 Australian Tour Programme

Value: $2500+

Since AC/DC was formed in 1973, this tour program is, then, a relic from only their third year together as a band, hence why this item can fetch a pretty tidy sum when put up for sale. It’s not often that the band even returns to their home country anymore as their popularity more often lies in other places.

Plug Me In

You can immediately tell by glancing at the front sleeve that this is an old piece of kit. Featuring both Angus Young and Bon Scott, the latter of whom died a few years after this tour and was replaced by Brian Johnson, this photo is a relic unto itself.

5. Highway to Hell

Value: $8500+

Certain copies of certain albums will, for whatever reason, command a slightly different price than the norm. If a record is damaged, then it will obviously be cheaper. If there is something special about it, it will be more expensive.

One such copy of Highway to Hell is going for $8500 because of the misprint of the label ATCO on the back of the sleeve (the only known instance of this in the world) and because it was sent to Chicago radio station WMET 95.5FM as an on-air prize.

Highway To Hell

‘The letter would seem to indicate that Presswell Pressing Plant in Ancora, J was forced to send this misprinted album out to satisfy promotional obligations.’

Final Tones

So, there you have it” Hopefully, you have found your wealth and can now make your polite millions!

FAQs Most Valuable AC/DC Records

What is the highest-selling AC/DC album of all time?

Currently, the most expensive copy of an album by AC/DC on the market is a special copy of Highway to Hell. This copy is going for $8500 because of the misprint of the label ATCOo on the back of the sleeve (the only known instance of this in the world) and because it was sent to Chicago radio station WMET 95.5FM as an on-air prize.

How many albums did AC/DC’s Back in Black sell?

The album has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, making it the second-biggest-selling album of all time.

Is Back in Black the second best-selling album?

Indeed it is, having sold 50 million copies worldwide, it is second only to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

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