The 50 Most Valuable Vinyl Records by The Rolling Stones

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Have you got some old Rolling Stones albums lying around at home? Wonder whether they’re worth anything? What is the value of Rolling Stones albums?

Well, let’s find out shall we, as we outline 50 of the most valuable Rolling Stones albums and then explore the top 10 in greater detail.

value of rolling stones albums

The Top 50

Vinyl RecordWorth
Radio Promotional Album London (1969)$2655.16
Exile on Main Street Test Pressing$2818.23
Emotional Rescue Acetate$2861.55
Flowers UK Export$2567.94
“Blue Turns to Grey” Single – South Africa$2529.16
Sticky Fingers Original US Pressing$2856.52
Sticky Fingers White Label Pressing$2349.00
The Rolling Stones First Pressing$2505
Songs of the Rolling Stones$2578.00
Rolling Stones Bill Wyman Test Pressing$2766.16
The Rolling Stones Collection Japanese First Pressing$2848.56
Sticky Fingers DJ White Label Pressing$2466.39
Flowers UK to Japan Export$3104.52
7″ Splatter Vinyl$2667.43
“Stones” Commercial Stock Copy$2944.71
Mobile Fidelity Vinyl Box Set$3014.79
“Street Fighting Man”/”No Expectations” Photo Sleeve$3083.18
Sticky Fingers Mono Promo Disc$3314.99
Rolling Stones Collection – Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab$3161.84
Rolling Stones Debut First Pressing$3256.47
RIAA White Matte Out of Our Heads (as presented to Keith Richards)$3169.92
Rolling Stones Test Pressing$3053.70
Rolling Stones Collection Factory Sealed #112$3247.12
Rolling Stones Collection Factory Sealed #111$3415.40
Rolling Stones Collection Factory Sealed #110$3587.51
Rolling Stones Collection Factory Sealed #109$3747.80
Big Hits Alternate Cover$3935.71
Promotional LP First Pressing (1969)$3844.91
Rolling Stones Self-Titled (Signed Copy)$4342.15
Radio Promotion Album (1969)$4367.59
“Little Red Rooster” Promo Single$4038.64
Some Girls First Pressing$4255.05
England’s Newest Hit Makers Promo Copy$4080.44
Promo Demo Disc$4048.74
Decca Promo Album (1969)$5010.18
Provenance DJ Only Promo Album$4125.77
Decca Promo Album RSM-1$4562.18
Debut Album Factory Sealed First Pressing$5499.00
Some Girls Work in Progress Acetate$5328.36
Self-Titled Debut Album Signed Copy$5977.31
Special Radio Promotion LP$6193.92
“Beast of Burden” Picture Sleeve 7-inch$6523.13
Decca RSM-1 Promotional Album UK 200$8454.68
“Stoned”/”I Wanna Be Your Man” Stock Copy$7984.55
“Stoned”/”I Wanna Be Your Man” Deleted US Debut Single$8486.08
“Stoned” 45 rpm Stock Copy with Sleeve$9454.81
Signed Decca Promo Album$11258.86
“Street Fighting Man” with Picture Sleeve$17037.58
500 Greatest Albums of All Time Collection$19164.10
“Street Fighting Man” with Banned Picture Sleeve$23098.65

Top 10 Most Valuable Rolling Stones Records in More Detail

So, now we’ve seen the value of Rolling Stones albums in the top 50, let’s delve into the top 10 in a bit more detail.

1. “Street Fighting Man”

Value: $23098.65

To be a Rolling Stone is in some sense to flirt with controversy. The original cover for this single featuring an instance of police brutality certainly caused a fuss at the time. Hence, the rarity of this 45 rpm record.

Street Fighting Man

2. 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

Value: $ 19164.10

In a bizarre twist of wordplay and fate, someone has collected all of Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums into one collection. There’s plenty in here that are among the most valuable records of all time.

Selections from Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time: Early Rock to the Late '60s (Easy Guitar TAB)

3. “Stoned”/”I Wanna Be Your Man”

Value: $ 8486.08

Stones fans will no doubt rejoice at this, the long-lost first US single of theirs that was canceled from music databases and never slated for UK release.

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4. Decca Promo Album RSM-1

Value: $ 8454.68

1969 was an important transitional year for the Rolling Stones which saw them miles away from their first album, even after having mimicked the Beatles a whole bunch. Now, they were ready to follow their own path, even after losing Brian Jones.

The Rolling Stones - Rolled Gold - The Very Best Of The Rolling Stones - Decca - 6.28356 DP

5. “Beast of Burden”

Value: $ 6523.13

Another rather rare Rolling Stones vinyl, this one comes from the era of their Some Girls record. Apparently, the version of this single that features a certain picture sleeve is incredibly rare or something. Either way, if you have a copy, you are in the money!

Beast Of Burden (2009 Mix)

6. Self-Titled Debut

Value: $ 5977.31

Unsurprisingly, signed copies of their debut record are worth quite a pretty penny nowadays. Who would have known that, upon their debut, they would later go on to be one of the biggest and most successful rock bands in the world? Even after losing member after member, they are a more solid band than Led Zeppelin – at least they have a sense of humor.

Ladies & Gentlemen The Rolling Stones

7. Some Girls

Value: $ 4255.05

Some girls like the Rolling Stones. Who knew? The first pressings of this album go for quite extortionate amounts, so better start scavenging at the bottom of your wardrobe.

Some Girls

8. “Little Red Rooster” Promo Single

Value: $ 4038.64

Anyone who just happens to have a copy of the “Little Red Rooster” promo single lurking in any of their special places at home is likely to rejoice upon hearing just how much it has gone for previously on the used Rolling Stones records market.

Little Red Rooster (Mono Version)

9. Big Hits Alternate Cover

Value: $ 3935.71

Happen to own a copy of one of the Rolling Stones’ first greatest hits albums? Well, if you own a certain copy with a specific copy of the band standing in a certain way, it is for some reason worth a whole bunch more, presumably because of its rarity.

Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)

10. Sticky Fingers Mono Promo Disc

Value: $ 3314.99

Finally, perhaps you were more enamored with the Rolling Stones when they released their seminal Sticky Fingers album in 1971, two years after the death of Brian Jones and the inauguration of Mick Taylor as his replacement.

Sticky Fingers

Any early pressings of this album, particularly those promo releases that were not entirely intended for widespread release, might be burning a hole in your collection.

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you have garnered something from this exercise (and hopefully that something is a bunch of cash)!

FAQs Value of Rolling Stones Albums

What is the most expensive Rolling Stones vinyl record?

One of, if not the most expensive, Rolling Stones albums sold currently is a copy of “Street Fighting Man”/”No Expectations” featuring the original cover of police brutality which was sold for about £18,441.37.

What albums are worth money now?

Those that are rare enough to be in demand but that are released by artists with enough of a fanbase that the rarity isn’t just meaningless.

Are any vinyl albums worth money?

Certainly, though not all of them, hence why you can buy plenty for super cheap in certain outlets. The vinyl industry was the premier format for music, so it’s no wonder that there are so many dud records left behind in its wake.

How do I find out what my vinyl records are worth?

The most economical way to find out your record’s worth is to use a site like Discogs to check your issue against theirs.

What vinyl records are worth selling?

Presumably those that are rare enough to command attention but also that have enough of a following to command attention likewise.

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  1. I HAVE THE COMPLETE RUN OF ROLLING STONES SINGLES FROM ” COM. E ON ! TO “MISS YOU” I also have every L.P. from ROLLING STONES vol. 1 , 2 , Aftermath , out of our heads, between the buttons and beggars banquet . All original .

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