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Have you heard someone talking about a vertical or wall-mounted record player and want to know exactly what they mean? When did record players get vertical? Were they ever horizontal?

All this and more today, as we explore the intricacies of the wall-mounted record player, what to look for when purchasing one, as well as four of the best examples on the market today!

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What to Look for

Before buying any sort of audio equipment, let alone a wall-mounted record player, it would be best to do some research on the topic. A little more time, patience, and money at this stage of the process will save you a lot of time, patience, and money later down the line.

Wall-Mounted Record Player

A cheap record player going to reduce the sound quality and likely cause some serious damage to your records, too. This is doubly true for vertical record players, an as-yet experimental piece of technology.

Of course, this is not the case for the best wall-mounted record players. Though I would say that none will probably offer excellent sound quality as a normal turntable could.

If you are yearning for high-quality sound in a vertical record player, one of the key things to look for is the dampening of the turntable. This is for protection against vibrations from the other components.

This is one of those things that always has such a massive bearing on the overall sound, so you will want to pay express attention.

For this kind of dampening, belt-driven turntables are inherently better. The rubber belt that propels their platters along is able to absorb a considerable portion of the vibrations that come its way.

The fact that they are driven by a belt means that there is considerably more isolation between the different components too. This is something that a direct drive turntable cannot afford to have.

1. Victrola Wood Wall Mount Vertical Record Player (Best Vintage)

This is surely one of the most stylish vertical turntables out there. Certainly, one of the ones closest to that ephemeral ideal of nostalgic fetishizing. For those in the know, this thing can offer that classic vinyl sound.

The Victrola brand surely needs no introduction at this point. It has been there at the very beginning of recording technology. They have most likely been constructing record players for longer than your grandparents have been alive.

In 1906, the Victor Talking Machine Company brought the magic of sound into the homes of the masses with their first turntable. They constructed phonographs independently until their acquisition by the Radio Corporation of America (or RCA), continuing to operate under the subsidiary that all fans of 70s music will have seen (RCA Victor).

Though you might not get the impression nowadays, it really was the largest and most prestigious firm of its kind. They are the original progenitors of the now iconic ‘His Master’s Voice’ trademark.

Victrola Wall Mounted Bluetooth Speaker with A/C Adaptor and Built-in Rechargable Battery Mahogany

Flash forward to today, where the Victrola record player can offer those same revolutions in sound. It also has many extra features.

Not only is this vessel a vinyl record player, but it can also play CDs and act as a conduit for local AM/FM radio. And if this was not enough, it can also propel your own music via Bluetooth or Aux cord!

The audio quality and craftsmanship can be an issue here. But for such a low price, you can’t really complain. It is really the internal speakers that let the whole thing down. The sound quality was better when I hooked this thing up to a pair of external powered speakers.


  • Comes replete with a whole host of features that belie the vintage design and render this a more modern take on the record player.
  • What an eye-catcher the design is! The wood, though cheaply sourced and poorly constructed, looks lustrous from a distance and is sure to swerve heads and then turn noses when they get too close.
  • The sound quality is decent enough for the price, too!


  • Madly enough, there is no RCA out. Making this a firmly modern take on the record player form, one that attempts to erase its roots in the past.
  • The belt is a little temperamental and can slip out occasionally.

2. Fuse Vert Vertical Record Player (Best Fusion)

Taking a slightly further step into the modern day than the Victrola, the Fuse Vert offers some decidedly retro looks. In addition, it has features to impress even the most closeted retrophile. In this way, it can add style and class to virtually any living space it fits in. This wall-mounted record player sports a minimal look on one hand but a retro look when viewed from another angle.

On the inside, though, you would be forgiven for thinking anything of the sort. For there is much of the modern within. For one, it is Bluetooth-compatible in a way that allows you to connect any other Bluetooth-compatible devices to the built-in speakers. This does not, however, mean you can link up the Fuse Vert to external speakers in this way.

Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player with Audio Technica Cartridge + Bluetooth, FM Radio, Alarm - Handcrafted Real Wood

Thankfully, unlike the Victrola, this turntable sports an RCA out. This means you can outsource your audio wherever you like as long as they can take RCA inputs. The speakers that are built into the turntable are second-rate. Many modern record players seem to be like this. Though, when outsourced, it does not sound too shabby at all.

If all of that connectivity was not enough, there is also a USB port for digitizing vinyls to CD and also just playing some mp3 files. There is also, as with the Victrola, a radio onboard. So, if you want, you can hook it up to your computer. Thus, you can record some interesting experimental noise music with it. Hey, if it is good enough for David Byrne and Brian Eno it is good enough for me!


  • Has a panoply of different functions and capabilities, including AM/FM radio functionality and an alarm mode.
  • The speakers onboard are decent enough. But those with a discerning ear can also outsource the audio via the RCA outputs.
  • The tonearm is balanced and, depending on what model you opt for, is crowned with a reasonably capable Audio-Technica cartridge.
  • Bluetooth capability (which only extends to inward connectivity and not out).


  • Bluetooth can only connect inwards and not outwards. And, it is, overall, a little confusing to maneuver anyhow.
  • The speakers are fine enough but could be great with a few tweaks on the manufacturer’s end.

3. EasyGoProducts Vertical Bluetooth Turntable (Best Sci-Fi)

Doesn’t this design look like something straight from a Stanley Kubrick movie? This is surely the turntable resurrection of HAL-9000 from 2001: A Spacy Odyssey. Such impressive and futuristic designs belie the very low price tag. This surely makes this the best budget turntable on this list!

Unlike some others here arrayed, this genuinely is a wall-mounted record player. It even comes with a mounting bracket that you can nail into the wall.

Seemingly defying gravity, any record thus spinning will be held in place with a magnetic record holder. that renders the entire action a small act of god for which the user ought to lie prostrate.

Easygoproducts Vertical Bluetooth Turntable – 3 Speed Record Player – Auto Stop Feature – Amplified Triple Built-in Stereo Speakers – Headphone Jack Input and RCA Outputs - White

The marvels of this turntable do not end here. This vessel also sports a 3.5mm aux in and out, allowing you to connect various devices that can use this kind of technology.

This also means that you can connect to a set of external speakers via the aux out. This enables you to achieve a far greater volume and power than the built-in speakers are capable of. The speakers are not bad, they are simply not able to deal with louder volumes.

If this was not enough, there is also the option of Bluetooth connectivity. Though, as with the Fuse Vert, there is no option to outsource the audio wirelessly for some reason. A missed opportunity if you ask me.


  • There is the option to either mount the turntable onto the wall or simply stand it up. The manufacturer provides feet and wall mounting hardware for the purpose.
  • You can outsource the audio via Aux if the speakers are not to your liking.
  • Bluetooth capability is strong. Though, as with the Fuse Vert, it can only offer connectivity inward.
  • There is an auto-stop feature, a nice touch rarely seen in this price range.


  • The design and building materials feel a little flimsy. However, for the price and the range of features on offer you can hardly complain.
  • The sound quality could be better.
  • The tonearm is fine enough but jumps at points. It is seemingly unable to deal with the vertical nature of the turntable.

4. Pro-Ject VT-E BT R Vertical Turntable (Best)

Pro-Ject is surely a brand that needs no further introduction. It has dominated the mid-range turntable market for a number of years now with its innovative Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. This turntable here sees them breaking yet more new ground with an innovative and thoroughly modern take on the vertical turntable concept.

Unlike all the others listed here, this turntable actually sounds about as good as a normal turntable. The others seem only constructed for the gimmick of it all. Whereas this model really does offer a solid all-around listening experience.

Pro-Ject Wireless Turntable, Piano Black (High Gloss) (VT-E BT R (Piano Black))

The belt drive motor installed here does not mess around. It offers a precise low-noise operation, providing a steady speed that can deflect external vibrations about as much as a turntable of this variety is going to be able to.

The phono preamp installed within is also top-notch, fusing well with the sturdy Bluetooth capabilities of the turntable to result in a wholly holistic user experience. Unlike all the other Bluetooth-capable models here, this turntable can also outsource its audio via Bluetooth. This means that this really can be as wireless an experience as you like.

The tonearm is the icing on the cake. It is designed in such a way as to deflect outside resonances of any sort. Thus, preventing them from interfering with your listening experience. All of this, as well as the fact that this tonearm is crowned with no less than an Ortofon OM 5E moving magnet cartridge – an incredibly powerful cartridge.

Ortofon OM 5e Moving Magnet Cartridge


  • The belt drive is neat and precise, capable of doing justice to the records by providing a consistent speed of play as well as a significant buffer against the kind of external vibrations that have been known to ruin listening experiences worldwide.
  • The design and aesthetic are sleek and ultra-modern.
  • Comes fitted with an Ortofon OM 5E moving magnet cartridge, highly capable of bringing any records you like to life.
  • The tonearm consists of aluminum.
  • Bluetooth connectivity works both ways, unlike some others here arrayed.
  • The orientation of the vertical axis is innovative and tantalizing.


  • The installation of this turntable can take a little time, especially if you are uninitiated. This is particularly the case for the belt drive which can take almost the entire amount of setup time.
  • The wall mounting is a little tricky if you are not already acquainted with this kind of thing. So you might require a little help or expert guidance, either physically or online.
  • Once mounted, it does not feel as sturdy as you might like. The same can also be said for the build quality itself. Though sleek and stylish, it is lacking in some of the essentials considering the price.
  • The Bluetooth range is quite limited, considering the price of this damn thing.

Final Tones

So, there you have it!

Hopefully, this exploration of the intricacies of the wall-mounted record player has been of some use to you, whether you knew little and wanted to know more, or whether you already knew enough and simply wanted to know about some of the best examples on the market today.

You can also look up record player stands if you are tired of the conventional arrangement of your record player in your home. Until next time!

FAQs Wall-Mounted Record Player

Can you mount a record player on the wall?

This will depend on the kind of record player you have. You have to use a specific kind of record player if you want to mount it on the wall. The mechanisms in a normal turntable would quite literally be topsy-turvy if placed on their side and attached to a wall and would, thus, not be able to work.

How do vertical record players work?

Instead of the usual way of running things, the tonearm and cartridge are fitted in a different way, mounted on a vertical pivot instead of a horizontal pivot so that they can swing across the record’s surface as it spins away toward the center.

What were old record players called?

The original schematic for the record player design that we know today comes from the gramophone, an invention by Emile Berliner that scraped a needle across a spinning record and projected the sound out through a funneling cone attached to the needle.

What is the difference between a record player and a turntable?

A turntable is the part of the stereo system that includes the platter and the cartridge, both of which are the central parts of a stereo that come into contact with the record itself. A record player, by contrast, is essentially the entire stereo system, including the turntable, the preamp, the speakers, etc. The two terms are often used interchangeably but do technically mean different things.

Are vertical turntables any good?

This remains to be seen by each individual user. Personally, they do not seem to offer much more than the gimmick that they represent. Even the best vertical turntables are only going to offer an experience that is on par with a normal ‘horizontal’ turntable. In this way, they are incredibly well-suited to those for whom the aesthetic of the listening and user experience is the number one priority.

By Robert Halvari

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