The Best Powered Speakers for Turntable: 7 Options

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Under our microscope today we will be exploring an area of the audiophile market that can often be rather overwhelming if not digesting it piece by piece. No matter the reason you have stumbled onto this article, whether by accident or through your intentionally searching out such advice, today we will hopefully be making the oft overwhelming world of the best powered speakers for turntable a little more manageable for you!

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Items for Consideration

Before we head straight in to find out the best powered speakers for turntable, for you or for anyone else, it seems that we ought to first stop, pause, and evaluate a few key items for our consideration, so that we can better understand the products before us. These points of consideration are what we ought to hold dear and pay attention to anytime we seek to buy anything of this type.

No one is going to doubt that everyone’s specific circumstances are wholly or partly different and should be treated as such. There are, however, a few things that just about anyone looking for a set up that works right and sounds dope will want to heed, those that pertain to the individual aspects of what precisely makes these products tick, as well as how they correspond with what you yourself are looking for in purchasing them for yourself.


It only seems right to first consider just how much space you have to play with, how much space you have spare to fill with the best powered speakers for turntable. Alternatively, you can look at our list o best record player with speakers to save some space.

Many opt for powered speakers for precisely this reason. Powered speakers offer the force of a larger pair of speakers for a usually more reasonable price point and in a considerably smaller package.


This makes powered speakers perfect for budding producers and disc jockeys who want the highest possible fidelity when listening and working with their music while operating in a smaller workspace, studio or professional environment, without of course sacrificing any of this fidelity for a smaller unit.

A wise idea, before propelling yourself right into the world of the best powered speakers for turntable, would be to measure out with a tape measure (or some other such measuring instrument) the space you are intending to use for the new speaker setup. It can be all too easy to set your sights on a product and then make small allowances and distortions to the facts just so that you can justify the purchasing of it. Thus, it would be best to, first, know exactly what you have to play around with.

There is a seemingly endless pool from which to choose from in the world of powered speakers, so limiting your options via the size you have in this way can be a helpful way of navigating the oft overwhelming world of hi fi music production technology. Every work space and sonic environment, no matter how much you try to make it replicate another, is going to be in some way unique, and thus should be treated as such. Do the right thing and measure out your own listening environment based on precisely the parameters of which it is comprised.


No doubt that each one of us will be coming to this financial and sonic and quandary with a different ideal price point and a different thickness of wallet, so this really ought to be taken into consideration at the earliest possible point, else we will quickly be making a choice that is either too expensive for us and thus leaves us in crippling debt, or one that is perhaps undershooting it a bit, leaving us with a package far less savoury than we might otherwise have obtained.

You certainly do not need to be a multi millionaire to afford a pair of best powered speakers for turntable, and today there are ever more options for those approaching the world of powered speakers with less of a budget than some others. In fact, it almost seems as though the large conglomerates that shape these markets have finally clocked just how many more people are approaching the purchasing of speakers and stereos and other hi fi equipment with a slimmer wallet. This would surely explain just how many lower quality and lower priced turntables, record players, and speakers etc there are.

Thus, the size of your budget, much like the amount of space you have with which to play, will wholly affect your options and choices within the world of powered speakers, placing you at any one of the various points on the spectrum of prices for powered speakers. You certainly will not want to be making choices that are outside your price range, nor will you want to be making any that are too far into your price range, mind!


Arguably the most important factor to consider, and one that is going to have a radical effect on the two other facts aforementioned, is that of the technical capabilities of the set of best powered speakers for turntable that you choose to side with.

In this day and age, as has already been elucidated to death, there are so many options for basically anything you can possibly dream of. This is scarcely more true than with hi fi audio equipment, nor with speakers or powered speakers for that matter. Look anywhere, online or in the flesh, here, there, and everywhere, and you are likely to find such a panoply of options that it can be wholly overwhelming. And this is an objective fact!

However, if you are approaching this panoply of options from a specific perspective or with a particular need in mind then you are going to find it at least somewhat easier to navigate, so it would be good to assess any areas of interest you seek and requirements that you are needing your new powered speakers to fulfil.

Perhaps you need your speakers to play music from analog and digital sources, using the setup as more of a home entertainment system instead of a dedicated a hi fi stereo system. In this case, you will want to adjust your search accordingly; why, of course, would you want to purchase a system that can’t offer the things that you seek?

You might even desire a set of powered speakers that can be used with a remote control, thus erasing any need for you to get up and spoil a listening experience for needing to adjust the volume ever so slightly. Perhaps, like me, you will be listening to music as you drift off to sleep and, on the cusp of unconsciousness, will want to, with your eyes closed, turn off the speakers and stereo with said remote control, without spoiling your newly acquired drowsiness. There’s an app for that, and all it requires is a little research, know how, and work on your behalf!

The Best Powered Speakers for Turntable: 7 Options

So, without further ado, let us explore options for some of the best powered speakers for turntable out there, allowing time at each point to reflect. You need not purchase any one of these for yourself, but it might be useful at each stopping point to pause and assess which parts of each you most prefer, picking and choosing for yourself what exactly you are after.

Audioengine A5+

These speakers have been highly lauded and praised by critics and users alike across the board, and for such a significant price point that they can hardly be ignored, making them some of the best powered speakers for turntable.

With such a sleek and functional design, these powered speakers are bound to fit in just about anywhere, the faux wood design working as a compliment to any interior design one might already have furnishing their sanctimonious listening environment.

The Audioengine A5+ speakers boast fully analog amplification, which is a real rarity at this point, many others using at least some element of digital reamplification in the process of translating audio from stylus to sound. Those seeking a more modern and digital experience, via the Bluetooth capabilities for example, will be a little disappointed, however, as these capabilities are optional and thus come with an extra price tag.

A considerable bass response for this price range sets them apart from almost all other contemporaries, a fact likely owing somewhat to the fact that the company manufacture all of their own components and audio drivers themselves, meaning that their holistic sonic vision is respected at every level.


  • Great overall sound quality that is true to the source material
  • Deep bass response, particularly in comparison to other related speakers at this price point
  • Analog amplification which, at this price point, is a real rarity, and which is exacted with a clinical vivacity
  • Elegant and inoffensive design that is likely to fit in or suit just about any listening environment
  • Well loved and lauded by hi fi critics and everyday consumers alike


  • Bluetooth costs extra, which is a real bummer if you are interested in modernising the capabilities of the speakers for your home setup
  • The wooden bamboo finish costs extra as well, though the white and black standard colors are just as inoffensive and likely to fit in with any listening environment thrown their way

Klipsch R-51PM

If you are looking for powered speakers like the Audioengine speakers elucidated above, but that come with a dedicated preamp, then look no further than these Klipsch R-51PM’s, surely a front runner for some of the best powered speakers for turntable in the game.

Like Audioengine, Klipsch are also based in the USA, and have a reputation for manufacturing high quality speaker setups that deliver music in an engaging way, lively and emotional and full of fun. With any kind of speakers made by the famous Klipsch company, it feels as though you are listening to live music, for they manage to master high volume with no detriment to the sheer quality of the source material.

Even the aesthetic quality of these speakers is loud, conjuring up images of sound system setups throughout the world, whether they be on the very cusp of the dawn of hip hop music, or those that are used to send Rastafarians sky high, or for those beats inspired inherently by the previous and whose dubstep seeks to destroy whole worlds with its crippling bass boosted butter knife clacks and buzzes.

No matter what you feed through this powerful set of powered speakers, it is bound to be a highly emotive and powerful experience, turning any setup you can possibly imagine, including one that is just furnishing your front room, for instance, into a mammoth, show stopping, stadium bound, billboard crunching, weight lifting, gut wrenching, dribble flowing, billiard balling, sonic experience.


  • An engaging and dynamic sonic palette that is bound to turn anything it is fed into a powerful and arresting experience that simply cannot be ignored, processing audio in such a way as to reinvent your listening experience, changing the way you hear it for good
  • As part of this engaging experience, these speakers are very loud, though never at the expense of audio fidelity or sonic textures or details of frequency
  • Comes installed with its own phono preamp for even more detailed processing and preamplification after it has already been processed by your stereo – this also means you don’t even need a stereo…Here is my list of best phono preamps if you happen to need one.


  • Only comes with a black finish, though this will not be too much of a concern and will likely fit in with most interior decoration choices – perhaps the rugged design is better suited to some interiors than other however

Edifier R1280DBs

The previous two offerings on this list of the best powered speakers for turntable have been on the more expensive side, so now would probably be an opportune moment to mention a slightly more affordable offering, from the reliable and trustworthy guys over at Edifier.

Though known for manufacturing slightly more high end and bespoke speaker systems, this set comes in at a very affordable price, especially when considering the various benefits. Not only do they look and feel expensive, a result of their being so carefully built and pored over by the manufacturers, but they also come equipped with a bunch of added features that even others at a higher price point do not come with as standard.

A remote control is included in the package as standard, meaning that you will not have to ruin your sacred listening experience just to turn the volume up a little or down a smidge. Included, too, is Bluetooth functionality and all of the relevant cables and wires you need to get started.

Though the bass response and music quality is not quite what you can expect from higher end models of powered speakers, this is without doubt a more than acceptable bargain if you are on a tighter budget, certainly if the budget is too tight to warrant splashing out on a more expensive piece of equipment.


  • More than affordable price point makes this ideal for the consumer on a budget who does not want to sacrifice their audio fidelity too much
  • Bluetooth functionality for the more modern audio consumer
  • Solid design and sturdy build quality make this a must for the designer among us


  • Lacking in deep bass response in a lot of musical styles, though this does come with the territory
  • Not as loud or as clear as it could be in some areas of the frequency range

Audioengine A2+

Another offering from the good guys over at Audioengine, this set of powered speakers is suited to those with a far smaller amount of space to play with, for those with far less real estate in which to place a set of dedicated speakers.

Their small size makes them perfect for a discreet and hidden set of speakers in one’s home that are still going to offer up a considerable punch in terms of audio volume and quality. The results might surprise you, in fact, as these powered speakers are highly revered among connoisseurs of smaller speakers setups.

The smaller nature of these speakers makes them rather well suited as speakers for other means too. You might even recognise them first and foremost as speakers for a laptop or home computer set up before you recognise them as speakers for a turntable! Herein lies their magic, being able to be some of the best powered speakers for turntable while still being perfect for using with other mediums, such as with one’s home computer system.


  • Compact and miniscule design makes these speakers perfect for the consumer who is working with a limited amount of real estate but still wants a pair of speakers that are going to get the job done – their small size also makes them ideal for transporting elsewhere
  • Double up as great speakers for a home computer set up – get you a pair of the best powered speakers for turntable that can do both!
  • Built quality is sturdy and reliable, and it is clear that each speaker was made with love, attention and care


  • Lacking in deep bass responses and suffering from a more limited frequency palette than more expensive and larger sets of powered speakers
  • No Bluetooth capability
  • The small size limits the sound quality and fidelity considerably, though this cannot really be helped for the size and very much comes with the territory

KEF LS50 Wireless II

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have an offering from the trusted and reliable manufacturers over at KEF, one of their bigger budget flagship models that is bound to have an impact on the way you hear music, forever.

In contrast to the Audioengine A2+, these are considerably higher up on the price range spectrum of the best powered speakers for turntable, though they are still marketed as being for those looking for a compact audio setup without sacrificing the audio quality as much as possible. Much revered by critics and consumers the world over, and capable of many, many things (including wireless communications between turntable and speakers), this pair stand undefeated in the face of almost anything you can throw at them.

The speakers themselves are active, meaning that there is an amplifier and a driver in each speaker dedicated to different aspects of the frequency spectrum, resulting in more power dealt to each overall. For each speaker, there is a 100 watt analog amplifier driving the tweeter along, while a 200 watt class D amplifier pushes the bass out separately, so these two aspects do not muddy each other, delivering forth clarity and force.


  • High end and audiophile sound quality that is bound to please even the most picky music listener
  • Still a compact setup without sacrificing audio fidelity or sonic force
  • Design is sturdy and forceful in itself, likely turn any heads and fit in most interior decorative environments


  • The main downside here is undoubtedly going to be the price tag, which is considerably hefty – thus, this option is going to be largely best for those coming to the search for the best powered speakers for turntable with a smaller amount of real estate to use and yet a higher budget with which to use it

Klipsch The Sixes

Most of the offerings on this list of the best powered speakers for turntable have had designs that are more focused on newer, more modern designs, those that would not look amiss in a new show home, some even looking rather spacey.

If you have felt a significant lack of more vintage looking powered speakers in this list so far, then look no further, for you will be pleased as punch to see this humble offering from those good guys over at Klipsch. Seeing as these speakers combine a finesse sonic perspective with an exemplary and gorgeous design aesthetic, they are far from the cheapest offering in this list, though they are arguably the most handsome.

Klipsch are known, as we have seen, for their emotive stereo systems which have the keen ability to fill a room with sound that can easily and swiftly replicate a live listening environment, regardless of whether the original source recording was recorded in such an environment. The resulting sound is rich and lively and emotional and real, and this is no exception with The Sixes, which Klipsch have instilled with their signature love and care.

These powered speakers are perfect for the more style conscious and aesthetically minded music consumer with a flush wallet who is seeking a beautiful package to pair with a vintage turntable, equally mindful of audio fidelity.


  • Stunning vintage aesthetic will perfectly match a more vintage interior decoration, or a more vintage design of turntable or stereo system
  • Stunning sound reproduction alongside these stunning and handsome physical features render this the perfect package for the audiophile of yesteryear
  • Comes packed with Klipsch’s signature emotive sound that takes you right to the front row, regardless of wherever you might be in the world


  • The only real downside with regards to this particular set of powered speakers is the price point, though I would imagine that anyone who has got this far in the list either has enough money to spare to pair such a beautiful set of speakers with an equally beautiful stereo setup or interior design, or is simply morbidly curious enough to have crawled on their hands and feet to the very end of this list, to the finish line so to speak…

Kanto YU6

One of our final offerings, if you have been digesting this list in chronological order of course, is the Kanto YU6. This is a reputable speaker manufacturer known for the chemistry of their speakers with turntables in particular. Their reputation precedes them, and their specialism is bare for all to see in their having only designed and manufactured three different sets of speakers, pooling all of their efforts into these three with love and care.

This offering is the biggest and most advanced of the three sets of powered speakers, destined to provide you with an advanced sonic performance capable of doing all sorts of music and tonalities justice.

The real pull of a pair of speakers like this is the built in preamp, which is considered to be up there with the best powered speakers for turntable. If you are indeed a turntable enthusiast and record collector that errs more on the side of purism and the antiquated, then this set of speakers is going to take your listening experience to the next level. Most antiquated and vintage turntables do not come with built in preamplification, hence why they usually have to be routed through an external amplifier system before the signal can be sent to the speakers and heard as sound.

This is where the Kanto YU6 comes in, allowing for external processing of the turntable signal so that even the most antiquated signal can be preamplified and then sent forth to be heard in all its glory, coloring the surrounding room with beautiful tones about as vibrant as the vast array of colors that these speakers come in and from which you can choose for your own.

These powered speakers have received near universal acclaim across the board, from critics and consumers alike, and their design is inoffensive enough to fit into almost any domestic environment and interior decoration you can imagine.


  • Built in preamp ensures the safe communication of the signal from the disc through the stylus into the turntable and then through the preamp out into the world – this is perfectly suited to the collector who is too much of a purist to use a more modern turntable with built in preamplification, but is trying to cut down on space and thus eschews the bulky amplifier that would otherwise be required
  • Bluetooth and tone control make this a modern and user friendly listening experience for just about any consumer you can imagine
  • Inoffensive and sleek design means this set of powered speakers will likely fit in with almost any other interior decoration and into any listening environment, domestic or otherwise – the vast array of colors, too, makes this a near certainty


  • The only real downside for this set of powered speakers is the fairly high price point, but many would argue that such a powerful set of speakers with so vast an array of features and extra qualities is more than worth such a price, and then some!

Final Tones

So, there you have it, and boy! what a journey. Hopefully you are somewhat the wiser about just what powered speakers are and how you might go about purchasing your own, from assessing why and how you might implement them into your own setup, right through to choosing the right powered speakers for you. A set of the best powered speakers for turntable can completely redefine your setup and listening experience, especially if you have the bucks to spend in decking out your setup. However, at every stage, I advise you to proceed with caution and think carefully before making any sudden purchases – we have all been there! – and also to try and hear the speakers used in real life before relieving your wallet of your hard earned coin!

FAQs Best Powered Speakers for Turntable

Can you use powered speakers with a turntable?

Yes, you absolutely can, and they do in fact work a real treat. Sometimes a turntable will come with a preamp installed and that is all well and good, and is indeed required to spin those discs and get the sound you are after. You can still use such turntables with powered speakers, though, all the same, it would be best to check whether the powered speakers that you intend to use with your turntable come with a preamp of their own already installed. In most cases, this should not cause any major issues, though there have been instances where the preamps of a turntable and powered speakers have butted heads with a negative effect.

What speaker is best for a turntable?

There is no one speakers or set of speakers that is best for any one or indeed all turntables. Since there are so many different manufacturers of turntables and so many different manufacturers of powered speakers – and thus so many different types, models, and styles of these pieces of equipment – there is never going to be a one size fits all answer to such a question. The best you can do is assess all of the details and information accordingly and make as informed a decision as possible, preferably having seen and / or heard the equipment exhibited with your own eyes and / or ears beforehand.

Do you need powered speakers for turntable?

Powered speakers are by no means a necessity when using a turntable to listen to your records. However, they do a hell of a good job! If your turntable comes with a preamp already installed within, then the need for a pair of powered speakers grows considerably dimmer. Likewise, if the pair of powered speakers you have in your sights does not come with a preamp of its own when you so desperately need one, then your need for this particular pair of powered speakers is going to be even dimmer.

Do I need a preamp for my turntable if I have powered speakers?

In some instances, yes, and in some, no. Some powered speakers come with a preamp all their own, and thus will be able to preamplify the signal they receive from the turntable before projecting it forth as the music you love and wish to hear. Some powered speakers, however, do not come with such a feature, in which case, if your turntable does not come with its own preamp, the signal will be so weak as to be nonexistent. Similarly, if the set of powered speakers and the turntable you intend to use come installed with a preamp, there could be some conflicting intentions within, an aspect which is all very touch and go.

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