Okki Nokki Review: Record Cleaner Extraordinaire

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Are you looking to take your record selling to the next level? Do you want it to be like a production line? Then follow me, in this Okki Nokki review as we explore one of the premier record-cleaning machines on the market today.

Okki Nokki review.

What Is the Okki Nokki?

In essence, the Okki Nokki is a record-cleaning machine, though you will no doubt already have surmised this. What really separates this from other machines that serve the purpose of cleaning records – i.e., the Groovewasher record cleaning kit or the Spin Clean record washer – is just how high-end it is.

This alone might be enough to deter some of you, though at least try to hear me out first.

Coming in at around $600 rrp, this certainly is not cheap. But if you are willing to spend more, then you’ll see that this device is very useful.

Of course, this will be well-suited to some more than others. For example, if your vinyl records are your pride and joy or you clean them regularly, then this will be a great purchase for you.

Alternatively, it might be useful for someone who has a large vinyl collection that they are looking to get rid of. Or maybe they have inherited it from a relative.

The Okki Nokki record cleaning machine is perfect for used records and new records, often making the former feel more like the latter. This is an incredibly big deal for vinyl collectors and sellers who are looking to start a small empire. Even for those wanting to open something like a production line of cleaning and shifting off records.

What Are You Getting in the Box?

So, here is a list of all the things you will find in the box if you decide to purchase this fine vessel:

  • The Okki Nokki machine itself.
  • A plastic vacuum arm to attach to the machine (as pictured above and below).
  • A cleaning brush that is used in conjunction with the machine, made from goat hair, of all things.
  • A record clamp made from aluminum. Its principal purpose is to keep the record in place so that it does not run wild during the cleaning process.
  • A small plastic bottle of the concentrated record cleaning fluid (50ml to be exact). The amount might not seem like a lot. But that is because it has to be diluted before it is used with the machine. If it is used in its concentrated form, it could cause serious damage.
  • An AC power cord so that you can directly attach the machine to the wall and get to work.
Okki Nokki Plastic Vacuum Tube 10" Inch

The simplicity of the components might belie the power of this cleaning machine. Fear not, for the minimal components ought only to ensure there is no nook or cranny available for doubt to fester in and multiply.

This is a perfectly capable piece of kit which is not going to let you down. And, best of all, you can replace these minimal components when it comes to it.

How to Use the Okki Nokki

This thing is rather large and cumbersome in terms of its dimensions and weight. Yet, this thing is remarkably easy to use:

  1. First things first: dilute the cleaning fluid with distilled water, using all of the concentrated solution with 1 liter of water. You can get away with using less if you want to clean a small batch (1 part cleaning fluid to 20 parts water).
  2. Place a record onto the platter and clamp it down over the spindle. Make sure that you have tightened it as much as you are able. If not, there may be a serious accident if the whole thing comes apart and loses control.
  3. Start the motor so that the platter and the record atop begin spinning clockwise as on a normal turntable. Once in motion properly and consistently, begin pouring or spraying the diluted cleaning fluid onto the record(s). The record should be very wet, though with express care taken not to moisten the inner label.
  4. Take the goat-hair brush and place it on top of the record’s surface, angling it in the opposite direction to the clockwise motion of the record’s surface. You will quickly see for yourself that the aim here is for the brush to pick up any dirt and grime from within the grooves. This way, the cleaning solutions can then do their thing. Allow spinning like this for several revolutions.
  5. Press the motor again so that it spins in the other direction, repeating the steps above so that any other dirt is collected.
  6. Once very wet, stop the motor and turn it to the clockwise rotation option again. Then start vacuuming.
  7. Rotate the vacuum brush until it is hovering over the record before slowly bringing it into contact with the record. The record will cling to the brush and will be dried by the vacuum. Allow rotating two or three times.
  8. Repeat for the other side of the record!

Comparison ft. the Project VCS

In this Okki Nokki review, it is surely worth comparing this device to some of its competitors on the market, no?

You do not need a very discerning eye to see that both the Okki Nokki and the Project VCS are very similar visually, though the latter is bigger.

Pro-Ject VC-E Compact Record Cleaning Machine

There are a number of key differences that set these two vessels apart, however:

  • The Project VCS comes in two different versions – MKI and MKII. The former featuring a metal base and vacuum, and the latter constructed almost entirely from nylon.
  • The Okki Nokki’s platter is equivalent to the size of the record itself. Mimicking the size of an actual turntable platter and functioning in the same way. Thus, providing a familiar user interface.
  • By contrast, Project VCS does things a little differently. With a platter that is more or less the size of the record label. To tighten the record into place, you will use a clamp that is also the same size as a record label. Thankfully, it is waterproof enough to withstand the elements thrown its way. This means that when you flip the record to clean the other side, the side you just cleaned is not met with a dusty and dirty platter.
  • The Project VCS also has a gauge to tell how much dirty water there is and when to empty it. Something completely missing on the Okki Nokki.

Is It Worth the High Price Tag?

This is the kind of question that is very difficult to answer objectively in this Okki Nokki review. Everyone’s individual circumstances will be different, and, thus, their attitudes to such a question will also vary.

There should be no doubt that the Okki Nokki is a good product. It does a superb job of its primary function: cleaning records. For those wanting to invest in a machine that is going to help them set up a veritable production line in their home or studio, then this is certainly up there among the best choices on the market.

As we have seen, though, there are competitors like the Project VCS, which not only offer a different experience but also offer a better one. And, when the price tag for the Okki Nokki is at least a hundred dollars more than the Project VCS. This surely seems significant, in this question of value.

One of the big issues with these kinds of machines – and one that is going to definitely plague those who do not have a discerning ear – is that there is not a very obvious difference in the sound of a record before or after it has been cleaned. The difference is there, sure, but it does not readily present itself.

Thus, both the Okki Nokki and the Project VCS will be best suited to those who are using each machine to clean records to sell them off. Rather than to hear the difference once they have cleaned their own records.

Other Things to Consider

Besides the fact that the service these kinds of machines offer is not always the most obvious to an undiscerning ear, there are also some other things to consider when looking to invest in such a machine.

You will also need to think about cleaning the cleaner itself. This might sound a little trippy, but what good is a cleaner that is itself not clean? Proper maintenance has to take place in regard to the machine. Lest all the parts fall into disrepair or, worse yet, do some irreparable damage to the records you are trying to clean.

Thus, you will need to clean the brush made from goat hair regularly. Especially seeing as this is one of the main parts of the machine that comes into direct contact with the record. Without proper care, this brush can become clogged with dirt, dust, and grime, all of which can do some serious harm.

Likewise, the other main part of the machine that comes into contact with the record, the vacuum brush, will need to be replaced regularly. This is because they have a tendency to wear out. Thankfully, there are replacements available relatively affordably.

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These things, alongside monitoring the fluid levels, are not difficult to do but are important to consider nevertheless.

Final Tones

So, there you have it!

Hopefully, you now have everything you need through this Okki Nokki review to go out there and make a decision for yourself! How to clean vinyl records is an important process to know, so don’t forget to keep in mind everything we mentioned in this article.

FAQs Okki Nokki

How much is Okki Nokki?

The Okki Nokki retails at around $700 at retail price. Though this might extend to a higher price. Especially if you decide to purchase directly from the company itself and opt for some of the added extras. However, there are many competitors coming in at a cheaper price.

How do I open Okki Nokki?

Opening the Okki Nokki should be as simple as the push of a button or the bearing down of a switch. Do not overthink it. Simply let it be and go forth. The Okki Nokki is very sturdy and will be able to bear the brunt of your force.

How do you clean Okki Nokki?

There are a few things to consider when looking to clean the Okki Nokki. Firstly, you will want to target the two main things that come into contact with the record itself. The goat hair brush is one such culprit and can easily do this kind of damage. So, it will need to be pruned regularly, just as the vacuum will too. Make sure, also, to keep an eye on the fluid levels inside and empty it out when necessary.

What is the best way to clean vinyl records?

There is no one way to clean vinyl records. If you are a little strapped for cash, then a massive record-cleaning machine may not be for you. This is because it will hemorrhage your bank account. If, however, you are someone looking to sell records, then a machine like this might be best for you.

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