Rare Frank Ocean Vinyl: Top 5

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Are you the owner of a considerable number of Frank Ocean vinyl records? Do you have any rare Frank Ocean vinyl? Are you looking to part ways with it in the pursuit of hard cash?

Then join us today as we explore 5 of the rarest and most valuable Frank Ocean records on the used vinyl market!

frank ocean vinyl

1. “These Days”

Value: £19,860.18

Contrary to assumption, this isn’t a cover of the late and great Nico. Rather this is a rare outtake from the Blonded era of Frank Ocean that simply sounds amazing.

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2. Blond

Value: £4,865.54

Nowadays, considering the acres of hype heaped onto his second record, even the official reissues by the record label are worth extortion amounts of money. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the first pressings of this record in mint condition are worth upwards of 4,000 dollars.

Frank Ocean – Blonde 2LP Vinyl Official Reissue

3. Blond (Black Friday Edition)

Value: £3,251.31

The hype around this is more accurately rendered when we see super-rich kids able to live a sweet life and buy a Black Friday edition of this record that is almost entirely the same as the normal edition but overall worth more money. This is an incredibly valuable vinyl record!

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4. Endless

Value: £1,487.66

This companion piece to the Blond album is also worth extortionate amounts of money and is likely to accrue even more worth over time considering its rarity. Everyone’s only complaint is that they wish it were a little longer.

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5. Channel Orange

Value: £722.74

Given that it was produced in far larger batches, it’s no surprise that Channel Orange is worth far less than Blond. Just check an online vinyl store like Discogs for the most up-to-date info!

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However, there are promotional copies of the album that are still worth real money when put up for sale. Just decrease quantity and then you’ll have a bidding war of records worth talking about.

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready to do what you will with your rare Frank Ocean vinyl!

FAQs Frank Ocean Vinyl

Why is Frank Ocean’s Blond vinyl so expensive?

It was simply manufactured and processed in limited quantities, thus increasing the desireability and rarity by considerable amounts.

How can you tell if Frank Ocean vinyl is real?

Should contain all of the following: Album cover should be black, pressing should be black and not colored, jacket should be a gatefold, barcode should read “883958014219”; bootlegs have more white space on the sides of the barcode.

Does Channel Orange have a vinyl?

Channel Orange does indeed have a vinyl release, though it has never officially been pressed to vinyl. As such, the only copies that exist are bootlegs, though you shouldn’t feel bad about bootlegging an album that doesn’t have an offical release.

Is Endless on vinyl?

Indeed it is, though good luck getting a copy – they cost upwards of extortionate and get even worse. If you are lucky enough to own a copy, you would be better off financially by just selling the damn thing.

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