Rare Black Sabbath Vinyl: Top 5

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Are you the owner of a considerable number of Black Sabbath vinyl records? Do you have any rare Black Sabbath vinyl? Are you looking to part ways with it in the pursuit of hard cash? Do you simply want to get an idea of how much it’s worth?

Then join us today as we explore 13 of the rarest and most valuable Black Sabbath records on the used vinyl market!

1. Paranoid

Value: £2,970.00

This album has always been a classic, hence why it can still command such extortionate prices when put up for sale on the used vinyl market throughout their whole discography.

Paranoid (2016 Remaster)

The Black Sabbath official YouTube channel has some amazing videos of the band back in the day performing songs from this and many other of their classic albums, such as that seen below. This is seriously one of the best-sounding vinyl records ever.

2. Sabotage

Value: £1,519.64

Perhaps one of their more neglected releases, this album by Black Sabbath is no less hard-hitting, hence its ability to still fetch high prices when put up for sale.

Sabotage (2016 Remaster)

3. Black Sabbath

Value: £1,351.73

Chief among many people’s Black Sabbath vinyl records is their self-titled debut album which for many is one of the birthplaces of heavy metal as we know it. Ozzy Osbourne and Co. are clearly firing on all cylinders already, which is incredible considering this is a debut LP!

Black Sabbath (2009 Remaster)

4. Master of Reality

Value: £1,144.60

Though it doesn’t feature their signature live track “War Pigs”, this hard rock classic is another highly revered record by their staunch and dedicated fan base. Original pressings that are sealed are known to sell for large sums of money, as seen in the numbers above.

Master of Reality (2016 Remaster)

5. Ten Year War

Value: £1,151.04

The Ten Year War box set brings together the first eight Sabbath studio albums in one place, plus a swathe of rarities, and celebrates the band’s achievements on stage, in the studio, and in the public eye. You’ll want something more than a Crosley record player to do this box set justice.

Ten Year War

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to do what you will with your rare Black Sabbath vinyl!

FAQs Black Sabbath Vinyl

How much is Black Sabbath worth?

Ozzy Osbourne is the richest member of Black Sabbath when you combine his and Sharon’s net worth of $220 million. Close behind is Tony Iommi with an estimated net worth of $140 million. Since they have since disbanded, it feels disingenuous to calculate their shared worth as a unit because this is something that they are no longer.

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