10 Awesome IKEA Record Storage Solutions for 2024

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Are you running out of space in your apartment? Do you need to start maximizing the space you have before your record collection really takes you over? Need some helpful Ikea storage solutions to get you on your way?

ikea record storage

Then you are in the right place, for today we will be exploring 10 helpful Ikea storage solutions so you don’t have to!

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1. Retro Ikea Kallax

There’s a reason Ikea’s Kallax vinyl record storage is called upon for this and other uses so often – record collection storage solutions scarcely ever come so versatile.

IKEA Kallax 4 Shelving Unit Black-Brown

Perhaps, like many audiophiles, you have been deliberating at the edge of the debate about whether or not the Kallax will suit your more retro or vintage interior decoration aesthetic. Well, deliberate no longer, for you heard it on good authority that the Kallax will fit just about any interior you like, especially considering just how many variants there are.

The one below is an example that attempts to take on an appearance of a wood veneer, but there are plenty of other plainer examples that fit even more easily into any interior. Thus, your vinyl records are in safe hands, both aesthetically and structurally. Have no fear, the Kallax is here to take your vinyl record collection into the aesthetic stratosphere.

2. Mid-Century Retro

Alternatively, you might prefer something a little more updated, in which case Ikea also has you covered with this option. You can, in fact, take a Kallax shelving unit, add two Kallax doors, then some mid-century style legs, leaving you with a brand new display console.

KALLAX Shelf Insert with Door (Set of 2) White 13x13" Fit EXPEDIT

The best part of this is that you can adjust the size however you like, even returning the inserts and blocks to their initial stacked position if you find the display console not as much to your tastes.

Ikea is known for offering the everyday user a storage solution that is more than one, so you can rest assured that as your precious vinyl record collection evolves, the storage within which it is kept can too.

3. Billy Bookcase

If you are really looking to push the boat out in terms of craft and creativity, then you can always repurpose the famous Billy bookcase into a stylish display cabinet for all your vinyl records to inhabit. This is the best part of it all – that Ikea hacks can encourage you to be creative in just about every facet of your daily life.

IKEA Billy Bookcase, White

Nowhere is this more evident than in vinyl storage. This is, after all, a topic dear to our hearts – why else would we spend hours and hours in record stores deliberating over how one record might enhance our vinyl collection?

So, instead of using the classic Kallax shelving units, you can use the Billy bookcase which, though not made of solid wood, is still more than sturdy enough and saves plenty of floor space for other use. This bookcase is likely about as strong as the Ikea Kallax shelves anyhow, made as they are from the same affordable materials.

4. Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit

Why not strike the perfect place between aesthetics and practicality with this simple and easy innovation?

Though the Vittsjo unit doesn’t necessarily have a primary purpose as an item of furniture, it is more often used to house nik-naks and various other assorted items, such as books. It is, however, not too much of a stretch of the imagination to use this unit to house your records.

VASAGLE Bookcase, 5-Tier Bookshelf, Slim Shelving Unit for Bedroom, Bathroom, Home Office, Tempered Glass, Steel Frame, Gold ULGT029A01

And this is precisely what you can do. Though they might appear thin and flimsy, they are surprisingly well-constructed, especially considering the inexpensive price tag.

You might, however, wish to swap out the glass for something a little more reinforced. Records are, after all, considerably heavier than the kind of titbits that might otherwise populate such a shelf. Sure, records don’t seem like they weigh all that much along, but the weight adds up!

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5. Kallax Spectrum

Why not take your worship of Ikea’s Kallax units and your precious record collection to the next level by installing a wall-to-wall shrine to audiophilia, able to contain your speakers, stereo, turntable, and records (i.e. all the parts of a turntable that matter)?

This solution will no doubt appeal to those collectors for whom a few Kallax units simply aren’t enough, for those with a vast record collection that cannot otherwise be contained in a mere few units. If you have your own music listening space, then you would be lost without such a wide expanse of vinyl stretching from wall to wall like so.

Nothing screams of loneliness and despair through a middle-life crisis more than an entire room dedicated to one thing. Many men opt to go with technology, so why not invest deeply in the minutiae of audio technology?

Ikea ' New KALLAX Shelf Unit, Black-Brown (Black, 57 7/8x57 7/8 ")

6. Kallax Reborn

Of course, you don’t need to just use a Kallax shelving unit to house records. You don’t even have to use them to shelve records while having a record player on top. You might instead opt to store the record player and speakers themselves on the shelving units!

With or without the addition of legs to provide a more vintage aesthetic, the use of a 77cm x 77cm Kallax is bound to reignite any living space for the better.

Ikea ' New KALLAX Shelf Unit White, 57 7/8x57 7/8"

This kind of solution will be of particular help to those trying to slim down the space that their relative addiction to audiophilia takes up in the domestic living space, especially if your better half has asked you to! Using such a solution might even bring your partner around to the idea of keeping this elephant in the room you both share for living in.

7. Wall-Hanging the Kallax

Of course, whoever said you needed to keep your Kallax shelving units on the floor? Many solutions online actually encourage you to hang it from the wall, saving you precious floor space and elevating that which the unit contains to eye level.

IKEA Kallax 4 Shelving Unit Black-Brown

This is a great solution if you are living in a space where there is not all that much space. Here, any space will be absolutely necessary and you will need to be economical with it. Thus, mounting the Kallax onto the wall makes the most sense since you can then use the space below the unit to store, say, a line of your shoes or something.

Not only can such a solution save space in this way, but it can also raise attention to it that might otherwise be directed elsewhere. Raising the unit to eye level will inherently bring it to the attention of anyone who comes to visit your living space to check out your shrine to audiophilia.


A sensical alternative to all this talk about the Kallax shelving unit comes in the form of the FJÄLLBO. Constructed to perform a similar function as the Vittsjo, the FJÄLLBO is alternatively made from a more solid metal construction, using a grilled lattice pattern to support the contents of the shelf instead of glass.

IKEA Fjällbo Shelf Unit, Black

In this way, it is inherently better suited to storing records that are, as already elucidated above, incredibly heavy especially when they have been given the chance to accumulate weight in numbers. Thus, if you were to use a shelf with glass support, you would at least need to swap this glass out for reinforced glass. With the FJÄLLBO, this shouldn’t be a problem, though do be wary of the metal buckling and warping over time, especially if you are living in or storing your records in a warmer climate.

9. Storage Bench Style

Fancy keeping your obsession with audiophilia and record collecting a little more low-key? Then you will be pleased to know that this has never been more possible thanks to the veritable oversaturation of storage benches on the internet today!

What with the increases in rent (and other amenities) just about everywhere, it’s no wonder that such ingenious storage solutions have become more and more necessary. As humans are boxed into smaller and smaller living spaces, such hacks become integral to living in peace.

Thus, you can hijack this trend for yourself and use a storage bench to keep your records out of sight and out of mind, especially if you have an obsession with vinyl that you are keen to keep under wraps.

10. Eket

This is another of Ikea’s ingenious modular storage solutions that can be sustained and modified over time as a record collection either expands or contracts. If you are the kind of collector who is likely either to accrue vinyl ceaselessly or to let large chunks of their collection go at a moment’s notice, then this might be an apt choice for housing your own collection, for this storage solution can be as big or small as you like.

The narrow expanse that these shelves can offer means that the records can also jut out a little if that’s your sort of thing. Some people do actually prefer this mode of storing records so that their records are a little easier to access on the fly.

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to start tackling your record collection and getting it into a smaller amount of space so you can better use that space for other things!

FAQs Ikea Record Storage

Does Ikea Kallax fit vinyl records?

Indeed it does and this is one of the premier uses of the Ikea Kallax unit these days. By now, many audiophiles have caught on to the fact that these shelving units are incredibly useful for storing records.

Do records fit in IKEA cubes?

Indeed they do and this is in fact a great way to go about storing your records. Most of these kinds of Ikea cubes are modular, which means that, over time, you can expand or contract your collection and the number of storage units within which it is contained ad infinitum.

What is the weight limit for KALLAX records?

The max load that the Kallax unit can take is about 25kg. Considering the average weight of a record is somewhere between 140-180mg, this leaves plenty of room to maneuver at least 100 records on each unit.

Can you store records in IKEA Besta?

Yes, you can and there has actually been plenty of evidence to suggest that the Besta unit can successfully be modified into an apt storage and multimedia console for your audiophilia needs.

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