10 Best Vinyl Record Crates for 2024

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Looking to finally organize your record collection? Unsure of which record crate to go for? Unsure even of what you are intending to do with your records when you do store them?

Then look no further, for today, we will be offering 10 of the best examples of record crates on the market. Even if you are not quite sure what you are after, you can bounce off of these ideas and get more of a feel of how you want to store your records and what precisely you need them for.

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1. Victrola Wooden Record Crate

Victrola has yet again hit it out of the park with this range of record crates that is sure to grace your record collection duly.

One of the original progenitors of the record player as we know it back in the early 20th century, Victrola has a long history. Their roots are firmly entwined within the very beginnings of the entire vinyl format.

Victrola Wooden Crate - Table Top Album Holder and Organizer for All Records, Holds over 50 Vinyls, Classy Wood Finish, Easy Installation, Elegant Design

Thus, it makes sense that the brand should extend forth its prongs into the market of storing records. This particular record storage crate certainly calls to mind a long-forgotten era. The entire piece is constructed from real wood, which bears resemblance to more expensive storage solutions.

If your own collection is on the smaller side, this crate or others like it are essential to keep all those sweet-sounding records in check when they are not in use. This is the kind of crate that you would expect to go crate digging through, so it can make a really useful extension to your record shelf, perhaps a spot where you keep all of your rarer finds and choice cuts.

2. Crosley AC1004A-AP Record Storage Crate

For the inner Beatles fanatic within us all, there is always this option from infamous turntable manufacturer Crosley. When engaging with the age-old Crosley vs Victrola debate, it is sometimes suddenly clear that they are both as bad as each other, at least in terms of the manufacture of turntables.

However, here Crosley really excels, boasting a record crate that seems to suggest their accessories are far better than their turntable output.

Crosley AC1004A-AP Record Storage Crate Holds up to 75 Albums, The Beatles Apple

This crate is capable of holding slightly more than the Victrola counterpart – up to around 75 LPs if you want to be exact. I imagine, though, that lifting this thing with so many records in it might do some damage, both to your back and to the crate itself.

And, of course, I would imagine that the major appeal of this crate is the branding – ideal for Beatles vinyl lovers. The now-defunct Apple Records label’s logo is displayed here in full force as a bed for the Beatles logo with an elongated ‘T’ that is known throughout the world.

There are a number of different color finishes to choose from, too – Crosley really outdid itself here.

3. Sound Stash Bamboo Record Crate

For the ever so slightly more environmentally conscious record collector, why not invest some time in a bamboo record crate such as this?

Though relatively new in the vinyl accessories market, Sound Stash already has a rather weighty reputation under its belt for delivering goods of considerable quality. This bamboo record crate is no exception, showcasing many of the things that make bamboo such an indispensable building material.

Sound Stash High End Bamboo Record Crate, Holds Up to 80 Records (Dark Brown) The Original Bamboo Record Crate

Though this thing is far from fancy – there are no leather handles or anything, unlike the so-called Rolls Royce of Dovetail record crates – the aesthetic is about as strong as bamboo. Seriously, this thing is indestructible, both in terms of its material quality and the visual aesthetic that it exudes.

The bamboo with which this crate is constructed is inherently able to hold more records than some of the other competitors listed here while also coming from a renewable source. Beat that!

There are a variety of different color options, meaning that you can easily find one that goes with your already-existing record stand or home decor. The handles, while not fancy, are incredibly comfortable at the front and back, providing easy access for carrying wherever you need it.

4. Navaris Wood Record Crate With Wheels

Here we have another offering from a relatively little-known new company whose creative touch comes from the fringes of an ever-emerging market.

The touch of the outsider is all over this crate. The main feature that separates this crate from a lot of the other boxes arrayed here is the fact that it has wheels strapped to the bottom. Sure, it is also as sturdy as some of the other crates on this list, but these other crates have an added feature: the possibility of doing your back in for good.

Navaris Wood Record Crate with Wheels - Vinyl Album Storage Holder Box Wooden Case with Chalkboard Sign Board - Holds up to 80 LP Records - Natural

The creative touches do not end here, however, as there is also a chalkboard on the front. Yes, you read correctly, a chalkboard! What might appear to be just a childish gimmick actually makes organizing your records a breeze while ensuring that you can switch things around from time to time, rubbing away the chalk to begin anew.

Yes, creativity and customization flow through this crate, showing that even though this is a very minimal product, there is still room for character and personality.

5. Vinyl Storage Bins

Perhaps you wish to make more of a statement when storing your records that to store records and engage in record collecting is trash.

Then, why not take this sentiment to its most literal conclusion with these trash cans for storing your records in? You will have your house in order and your resident record collector whipped into shape, knowing their place in the domestic ecosystem in no time.

Magazine Rack Magazine Holder Storage Organizer Bin for Magazines, Books or Vinyl Record Album Storage, Black

Unlike plenty of the other options on this list, these storage bins are made from metal. This does not necessarily make them stronger than the wooden crates here arrayed, but it does render them strong nevertheless.

These bins are constructed in such a way as to encourage that they are hung from a surface, thus maximizing space within a domestic environment and keeping the records off the floor. These can be used singly or developed into more of a modular system within which you organize your whole collection.

Perhaps one of the best parts about this type of crate is that it can very easily be used to organize other things. Magazines, journals, or newspapers, for example, would fit aptly into these bins or any other such shape that does not quite suit a bookshelf.

6. Moving Boxes for Vinyl Records

Of course, if instead of organizing your home or work environment, you are deconstructing it entirely and looking to move your records out, then there are moving boxes like these. These are a no-frills way to take your records from A to B without needing to invest in any fancy record crates. Think of them as a record crate DIY.

These are reusable, though, so there is plenty of life in them despite being constructed from cardboard. Said cardboard is codified in such a way that they are incredibly reliable.

BCW 33 RPM 12" Vinyl Storage Box with Lid | Holds up to 65 LP's or Laser Discs | White (10-Boxes)

And, who’s to say that you can’t just use these moving boxes as storage crates in and of themselves? The aesthetic values are certainly different from a regular old storage crate like those above, but for some, this might even be desirable.

Who’s to judge? Their strong construction makes these cardboard moving boxes apt for the job of storing records around the house or workspace, at least in the short term. So, go forth and store away to your heart’s content!

7. Flight Case for Vinyl Records

Ask any DJ who is worth their salt in the industry how they go about taking their records from one gig to another, and chances are they will be using flight cases as crates for vinyl records.

The clue is in the name. These are cases crafted to withstand even the most brutal airlines. For the record collector who is going to and from gigs or other locations with their records on a regular basis, a sturdy flight case like this is a necessity.

Odyssey Krom Transport Case for 70, 12 Inch Vinyl Records, Silver | KLP1-Silver

Even if you are just moving your records out of your house over a longer distance, then you are going to want to opt-in for a flight case instead. Not only will it last longer and be more resistant to any bumps along the way, but you can bet it will last longer as a storage solution than the cardboard boxes above.

This is especially the case when you are involving moving companies. Sure, it is their job to remove items from houses and move them over long distances, but their experience in the field might encourage them to be a little less careful than you might be. These records are not their pride and joy, certainly not as much as they are yours.

8. Display Crate

Most, if not all, of the storage crates listed above, are well worth a look if you are interested in a storage solution that is simply going to get the job done. If, however, you are more interested in a crate that is going to store your records and display them, then perhaps you will want to invest some time in one of these.

This will be especially useful to those who are using a record crate to expand an already established record shelf. Of course, this crate will be set apart from the shelf, but you can use this to your advantage by placing your choicest cuts in a crate such as this.

Record Album Storage Crate, Bamboo & Acrylic Vinyl  Record Crate, Multifunctional Visible Record Holder Crate with Handle, Great for Storing Vinyl  Record LP's/Albums Hanging Letter Size Folders Toy Clothes

The acrylic window on one side of the crate will ensure that whoever happens to visit your sacred listening space is well aware of all those gems you have lurking in your collection.

Alternatively, you could simply use this crate to house all the records you are listening to on rotation, keeping them near while also exhibiting them to whoever passes by. Hinting in this way is especially useful at this time of year when lovers are looking to buy their lovers presents.

If you are someone who knows how to clean vinyl records and like their collection kept tidy, then maybe this is the one for you.

9. X-Cosrack Vinyl Storage Crate

If, however, you are looking to strike something of a balance between the other crates listed here and the kinds of crates directly above that revel in exhibitionism, then here you go.

While still adopting the classic cuboid shape that is so common to record crates throughout the Western world, this crate differs by adopting an artisan grill instead of an acrylic window.

X-cosrack Vinyl Record Storage Crate, Wooden LP Record Storage Crate Album Shelf Vinyl Record Storage Cube Record Record Organizer Box

Every single one of the 65 albums this crate can hold will feel a sense of belonging (to you) thanks to the bars that keep them from escaping into the clutches of other record collectors.

Indeed, this crate is perfectly suited to show your records who is in charge in a rather kinky way, though its uses are not strictly limited to records either. Much like some of those above, you can also use this crate for storing plenty of other things, perhaps even transporting bits and bobs between houses when moving out.

10. Record Holder

Though not strictly a record crate, we thought it vital to include some of the products in and around this particular niche in the consumer market. This record holder is perhaps better at the exhibitionist elements of some of the crates above, opting instead to hold records instead of being able to transport them.

MODERN VINYL Record Holder - Matte Black Metal - 80-100 LP Storage - Simple, Quick Assembly - Vinyl Display, Storage - High-End Design - Protects Vinyl - Organize Albums - Book, Magazine, Files

This really is not very sturdy, so do not expect to be able to place all your records here and then transport them elsewhere. This is far more suited to sorting your record collection and storing them in a convenient place for easy choosing and use.

Much as with some of the other more exhibitionist crates above, this holder would be amply used as a way to show off your records that are in current rotation. Keep it close to your record player and be blessed with an easy, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing way to sup from your current listening at a moment’s notice.

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are feeling a little more able to navigate this market and find a record crate of your own. It is our hope that you have also found out precisely what you will be needing a record crate for and how you will be going about investing in one.

FAQs Record Crate

What size crate fits records?

Surely a crate that is going to fit records needs to be slightly bigger than the records that it seeks to fit. If it is going to fit 7-inch records, then it is going to need to be at least a little bigger than this. The same goes for 12-inch records. The sleeves which fit these record sizes are themselves ever so slightly bigger than the records within, lest they would not be able to fit them. The same will surely go for a record crate, whose inner surface area will need to cater to this difference.

Do milk crates fit records?

Indeed they do, though the number of records that will fit will depend on the size of the milk crate in question and where it is from. Older milk crates tend to be larger than newer milk crates and so will comfortably fit around 40 to 50 records without too much pressure. The same goes for oversized milk crates. As long as you are sure you are not seizing someone else’s property by using these milk crates, then you are free to go right ahead and use them to your heart’s content.

How many records does a crate hold?

This will depend on which kind of crate you are using and what kinds of records you are putting into it. If, for example, the crate is not intended to fit records and will not fit any, then that crate will not hold any records. If, however, the crate is intended to hold 7-inch records, then it will hold a certain number of 7-inch records but will struggle to hold many 12-inch records. The same goes inversely for a 12-inch record crate, which would be able to hold a certain number of 12-inch records and even more 7-inch records.

What is the best storage for vinyl records?

This will depend on what kind of storage solution you are looking for and how often you plan to move around your records. If, for example, you are a DJ who is often taking your records to and from gigs and overseas by boat and plane, then you are likely going to want to invest in a flight case. Alternatively, you might simply want to store your records at home, in which case you could use a record holder – these can exhibit your records while also keeping them neat and tidy. On the other hand, if you are simply wanting to transport your records between houses with no frills, you can always opt for some cardboard record crates.

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