Victrola Record Player Wont Turn On

Vinyl Troubleshooting

Robert Halvari, Creator at Notes on vinyl

Oh, dear! Is your Victrola on the fritz? Are you in a spot where your Victrola record player wont turn on? Want some helpful tips and tricks on what to check and how to get it up and running again? Then onwards we gallop!

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1.The Plug It is incredibly common to panic even if it is only the power switch that is off or the power cord disconnected. In such instances, just plug the power outlet back in and see if the record player is back in action.

2. Dead Power The record player is plugged in at the wall outlet but this outlet might not actually be receiving any electricity. This is something that might not be as much of a problem with digital music, but analog technology requires power almost all the time.

3. Fuse The most popular versions of the Victria come with a fuse that protects them from people using the wrong power supply. In the instance that the wrong power supply is used, the fuse will blow instead of frying the whole circuit and destroying the record player

4. Motor If your motor has gone bust, then the quickest and cheapest course of action would simply be to get a new one. These record players are  cheap in the grand scheme of things and chances are that it would cost about as much if not more to have a professional technician to have a look at it.