Victrola Record Player Skipping and How to Fix it

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Robert Halvari, Creator at Notes on vinyl

Why is my Victrola record player skipping? Often, the issue is simply caused by stray dust or static that is polluting the record, though there is a chance that the issue could be caused by other things such as a warped record or even a warped platter.

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1. Dust One of the most common causes of vinyl records skipping is to do with various foreign contaminants that otherwise get up in the face of the record. It is recommended that you clean your records after every playthrough as the dust and static that builds up. .

2. Warping Perhaps, though, the issue that keeps your record skipping lies in the physical state of the disc rather than the foreign contaminants that are polluting it.  You can fix a warped record yourself at home, though the process is a little involved

4. Tonearm The issue might actually reside with the tonearm. Like other parts of a turntable, this is a sensitive thing, one that can be set off its course very easily without the proper care and attention. Often, the tonearm is set just a little too high

5. The Stylus It is one of the only parts of the record player that comes into direct contact with the record itself, and the only one which is tasked with reading and transmitting the sensitive vibrational data from the disc’s grooves and out through the preamp and speakers.