Most Valuable Vinyl Records by Led Zeppelin

"Led Zeppelin IV" This record set the record for the value of Led Zeppelin albums at the time.

"Led Zeppelin III" This is another of the obligatory self-titled Led Zeppelin vinyl records that no collection is quite complete without.

“Physical Graffiti” This is reminiscent of the way that Led Zeppelin stole many of their ideas from less privileged black artists without any semblance of recognition.

“Led Zeppelin II” This was also plagued with printing inconsistencies and inaccuracies, hence why certain copies of this album have become such coveted collector’s items.

“Led Zeppelin Volume One” This box set of goodies from one of the world’s most popular rock bands is now sadly out of print.

“Houses of the Holy” Led Zeppelin are here acting as their most laudatory and masturbatory.