Best Turntable Cartridges: Our Top 10 Picks

Are you looking to unlock the untapped potential of your turntable? Well, let's explore 10 of the best turntable cartridges on the market today.

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1. Goldring E3 With a clean and precise tonal output that offers both clarity and power, this is among the best turntable cartridges on the market today, and all for a considerably low price point.

2. Goldring 1042 This cartridge, though it takes a little more effort to fit into place than some others here arrayed, it is deemed well worth the extra effort, boasting a full and rich sound experience.

3. Goldring 2500 This is a pretty expensive vessel that will set you back over $1000. In terms of audio quality and strength of signal, there are scarcely any better cartridges on the market today.

4. Sumiko Rainier At the more affordable end of the Sumiko range is the Rainier. The sound quality is full and lush, bound to entertain even the most skeptical listener.

5. Ortofon Quintet Blue It is easy to fit onto the turntable and the sound is nuanced, rich, and precise, as you might already have come to expect from a moving coil cartridge.