The Difference Between Phono vs Line

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Robert Halvari, Creator at Notes on vinyl

Phono vs Line:  A phono signal is the tiny signal that comes directly from the turntable cartridge, while a line signal is an amplified version of the phono signal

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What Is a Phono Input? The phono input on an amplifier for turntable is for use with a phono signal – i.e. those that tend to be a little weaker.

What Is a Line Input? By contrast, the line signal is far stronger and will likely have been preamplified already or will otherwise be ready to be properly amplified.

Phono vs Line: Is LP and Vinyl the Same? Both the phono input and the line input refer to two separate stages of the amplifier

The former will be of use to those using a (perhaps older) turntable that requires its own external preamp stage to boost the weak audio output.