Where to Sell Vinyl Records

BY: Robert Halvari



Discogs is the premiere route through which to shift old vinyl records and arguably the most significant of the entire second vinyl revival.



eBay might not be as specialized in the field of vending records as Discogs. However, it is still a very capable means of doing so if you are inclined this way.

Nationwide Record Stores

NationwiShake It Records SELL Vinyl Amoeba Records (!!!) DJ Records Starry Night Records Hard To Find Records We Buy Records Dusty Groovede Record Stores


Direct to the Locals

Flea Markets Craigslist Facebook Marketplace Yard Sales Auctions



 Local Record Stores

There is a real immediacy to this kind of exchange. This can be helpful to some who are attempting to barter and exchange in a flash. But it can also be useful to those who prefer human contact to do it.

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