Rare  Black Sabbath Vinyls

Paranoid This album has always been a classic, hence why it can still command such extortionate prices.

Sabotage This album by Black Sabbath is no less hard-hitting, hence its ability to still fetch high prices when put up for sale.

Black Sabbath Chief among many people’s Black Sabbath vinyl records is their self-titled debut album which for many is one of the birthplaces of heavy metal as we know it.

Master of Reality This hard rock classic is another highly revered record by their staunch and dedicated fan base.

Ten Year War The Ten Year War box set brings together the first eight Sabbath studio albums in one place, plus a swathe of rarities.

How much is Black Sabbath worth? Ozzy Osbourne is the richest member of Black Sabbath when you combine his and Sharon’s net worth of $220 million.