Most Valuable  "The Rolling Stones"  Vinyl Records

“Street Fighting Man” The original cover for this single featuring an instance of police brutality certainly caused a fuss at the time. Hence, the rarity of this 45 rpm record.

"500 Greatest Albums of All Time" Someone has collected all of Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums into one collection.

“Stoned”/”I Wanna Be Your Man” the long-lost first US single of theirs that was canceled from music databases and never slated for UK release.

"Decca Promo Album RSM-1" In this album, they were ready to follow their own path.

“Beast of Burden” Another rather rare Rolling Stones vinyl, this one comes from the era of their Some Girls record.

"The Rolling Stones" Unsurprisingly, signed copies of their debut record are worth quite a pretty penny nowadays.