5 Most Valuable AC/DC Records

Thunderstruck Value: $500,000+ In a lot of ways, “Thunderstruck” will always be the most valuable AC/DC record.

12 of the Best Value: $3500+ The record has become incredibly collectible and rare, thus increasing its value considerably.

A Gold Record Representation Value: $1000+ The LP was an award intended to honor the band and their ability to achieve gold status in their home country.

1976 Australian Tour Programme Value: $2500+ This item can fetch a pretty tidy sum when put up for sale.

Highway to Hell Value: $8500+ One such copy of Highway to Hell is going for $8500 because of the misprint of the label ATCO on the back of the sleeve

What is the highest-selling AC/DC album of all time? Currently, the most expensive copy of an album by AC/DC on the market is a special copy of Highway to Hell.