LP vs Vinyl: What is the Difference?

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Robert Halvari, Creator at Notes on vinyl

LP vs Vinyl:  LP means Long Play and it refers to a full-length record.  Vinyl is used as a synonym for record or album. LP technically refers to the length of a record. Vinyl refers to the actual medium of the record

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What Are Vinyl Records? When record collector is using the term vinyl is referring to the entire medium (including the plastic – polyvinyl chloride), or in particular the discs themselves.

What Are LPs? LP stands for Long Play and comes from a time when the record was beginning to take off worldwide and showed signs of being the go-to format throughout the western world.

LP vs Vinyl: Is LP and Vinyl the Same? The term vinyl refers at root to the material from which the records are made

The term LP comes from the inception of arguably the most famous kind of record, the 12-inch, bringing about a metric revolution of Long Playing records