Kiss Vinyl Records with Great Value

Hotter Than Hell Nowhere is the Kiss vinyl records value greater than with this classic album.

Let Me Go Rock and Roll” b/w “Hotter Than Hell” Acknowledged as one of the rarest Kiss records ever.

The Originals 1974-1979 Box sets of the band’s original albums from 1974-1979 have been known to fetch considerable sums when put up for auction.

The Best of Casablanca Any live release of theirs that is even somewhat rare is going to sell for big bucks, hence this release right here.

Kiss A signed copy of their debut self-titled album is also going to sell for a whole bunch no matter which online vinyl store you use to do it.

Alive This double live LP is a perfect emblem of the pomp and decadence that so plagued mainstream rock music in this era, largely as a result of the band themselves.