Best Jazz Vinyls You Should Own

In a Silent Way – Miles Davis As jazz vinyls go, this one is essential if there is a desire to see a world class act.

The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady – Charles Mingus And here we have another of the greatest jazz albums that cross streams with other styles to create something wholly its own.

Astigmatic – Krzysztof Komeda often considered to be one of the best European jazz albums of all time, especially if we are talking about avant garde jazz.

Your Queen is a Reptile – Sons of Kemet I have chosen to include this album, though not least because it is one of my favorite jazz albums of this modern period or any other period.

The Nubians of Plutonia – Sun Ra The closest thing this list has to a traditional jazz record still finds an album that is oozing with desire to move in each direction all at once.

The Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recording – John Coltrane It is doubtful whether this was even intended for public consumption or whether it was simply meant to be a document of a performance event for personal use.