4 Easy Steps on How to Clean Record Needle

Why is a Clean Stylus Important? Significantly impact the resulting audio quality

1. Cleaning with Stylus Brush & Alcohol  Clean the needle with a needle brush that is dipped in the isopropyl alcohol. This is the recommended cleaning solution for this method of cleaning as it will get the job done without harming any of the inner mechanisms.

2. Cleaning with Stylus Cleaning Gel You can also clean the stylus with a specialized cleaning gel. Many audiophiles believe this method to be more attuned to the highly sensitive nature of the needle, more than a liquid stylus cleaner, anyhow.

3. Cleaning with Liquid Stylus Cleaner Brush the needle with the soft brush in your direction again, from the back of the needle to the front, until you deem it clean enough to stop worrying about it anymore.

4. Cleaning with a Melamine Eraser You will want to start by cutting off two square inches of the magic eraser. Then, proceed to place the square of the magic eraser onto the platter, plinth, or anywhere else the tonearm can easily reach without reaching too far.