Best Record Player for Beginners  (Reviews & Top Picks) 

What to Look For In  Record Player for Begginers: Hardware Tonearm Stylus Sound

1. U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus This belt drive turntable boasts a classic design but is put to the test in a more modern context, with a minimal and sleek design that is, dare I say, rather space age in referents. The difference between direct drive vs belt drive turntables is more or less the difference between an automatic and more manual turntable.

2. Audio Technica AT-LP60 Audio Technica themselves is a reliable and trustworthy brand, and this particular model is a tried and tested workhorse for the generation accustomed to records through the vinyl boom, able to spin vinyl records with ease and style.

3. Denon DP-300F This turntable is nothing if not stylish and compatible, sporting a phono equilizer within that makes it more than easy to connect to integrated amps or receivers, amongst a whole host of other things, all while exhibiting an exemplary vinyl sound.

4. Pro-Ject Debut III Alongside the Audio Technica, this is one of the best beginner record players, an affordable turntable that still operates at the level of some high end turntables in terms of performance and capabilities.

5. Fluance RT81 Many of the features you will see on the Fluance will be familiar to you, even if you have only seen them in the other offerings here listed. This, however is a unique experience, truly analog and made from the finest materials that this price point allow