Top 7 Best Record Brushes + Record Cleaners

Are you looking to get a hold of all of the excess dirt, dust, and grime that accumulates on your records when they are repeatedly played? Is it enough to drive you crazy? What if there were a whole repository of vinyl brushes and cleaners that could be used to rectify it?

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1. Pro-Ject Brush It Carbon Fiber Record Brush Now a design copied and facsimiled in countless vinyl brushes, Pro-Ject has decided to throw its hat in the ring to ensure that its carbon fiber bristles can also pro-tect vinyl records at all costs.

2. Audioquest Anti-Static Record Brush This design takes the carbon fiber brush made by so many manufacturers and enhances it to ensure that there is as much conductivity as possible – this means that it is more effective at removing static charge (while also sporting a more handy grip).

3. Groovewasher Record Cleaning Kit Anyone already familiar with this website will no doubt have seen the review of the Groovewasher already wherein its praises are sung to the utmost. Now, you can get your very own and never have to think about getting another vinyl record cleaner. .

4. Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Kit Here, Boundless Audio takes the carbon fiber record cleaning brush that we are all already familiar with and ups the ante by also including a specially designed carbon fiber stylus cleaner to remove static from the stylus and thereby halt the perpetual cycle of static buildup. .

5. Line Phono Magic Audio Brush If you are looking for vinyl record brushes that are not just for records but are also for anything related to audiophilia including your entire stereo system, then you are in luck!

6. Spin-Clean MKII Record Washing System The Spin Clean has also previously been reviewed on this website and will help you strike a balance between industrial and personal.

7. Humminguru Ultrasonic Record Cleaner The next step up from the Spin Clean would be something like this which steps further into the industry and allows you to clean more records at a quicker pace.