4 of the Best RCA Cables for Turntable

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Robert Halvari, Creator at Notes on vinyl

Are you looking to get really particular about your sound? Can you hear the detrimental quality of bad cables and want to find examples of some of the best out there? Are you keen to perfect your audio setup? Then this is for you

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1.AudioQuest Golden Gate AudioQuest offers an example of precisely what a difference an RCA cable can make in terms of the overall sound quality. Clearly, investing in a good set of good RCA audio cables is the way to go.

2. QED Reference Audio 40 At the steeper end of the price range, there are the QED Reference Audio 40s, operating as one of the more premium options for high-quality RCA cables. This will be especially useful for those looking to listen with laser accuracy to a particular sound

3. BJC LC-1 One of the more esteemed options for those working within the confines of a budget, the Blue Jeans Cables LC-1 still offers great flexibility as both digital cables and speaker cables.

4. AudioQuest Big Sur Another offering from AudioQuest comes in the form of the more expensive Big Sur cables, offering an altogether unmatched audio quality in the transmission of audio signals between audio devices.