3 Best Headphones for Vinyl

Are you looking to expand your frequency spectrum? Do you want to know the best headphones for vinyl with which to do it?

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What Makes Good Vinyl Headphones? Will your headphones be open-back or closed-back? The former refers to a pair of headphones that have a perforated external shell that allows air and surrounding sound into the phones freely Listening to vinyl records is a very specific experience, just as specific as the specific circumstances of each listener. Some might even prefer to listen to their music with Bluetooth headphones

1. Sennheiser HD 650 (Best for Best) The sound quality is extraordinary considering the fairly reasonable price point. The design is largely inoffensive, and the fact that it weighs hardly anything makes this a pair of portable headphones that can be taken anywhere despite what the heft of the design might imply.

2. Sony WH-1000XM4 (Best for Bluetooth) More than adequate sound quality to match even the more discerning listener. The design is sleek. While also being incredibly portable thanks to the lightweight and matte finish, which can come in a whole variety of different colors.

3. AKG K72 (Best for Budget) This is a brand that is well-trusted to deliver the goods when it comes to frequency response. The sound quality is exemplary considering the price, with a full and rich sound response when fed a whole variety of different styles of music.