7 Best DJ Turntables for Beginners 

What to Look for in a DJ Turntable? How easy it is to use it? Price Durability Features

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1. Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP-SV (Best Beginner) Sets itself apart from others in this price range and area by offering 3 spinning speeds. The direct drive motor comes fitted with an adept and experience speed stabilization feature. The construction is sturdy and robust, and can clearly be depended upon in the long term.

2. Numark PT01 Scratch (Best Budget) This is easily the most portable turntable on this list, constructed in a modest size and coming in at a modest price. The battery power means that you can take this practicing wherever you like. 3 speeds of fun and joy to be had.

3. Pioneer DJ PLX-500 (Best Entry-Level) For the price, the direct-drive motor is really rather remarkable and capable of stopping and starting at high speed without hesitation. The sound of this turntable, too, is remarkable, given the price. It provides a warm and distinctly analog sound.

4. Gemini TT-1100USB (Best Blend) The adjustable rubber feet upon which the plinth is placed eliminate as much as possible the impact of external vibrations on the listening experience. USB outputs attempt to strike a balance between digital and analog in a way that not enough DJ turntables attempt to do.

5. Stanton T92USB (Best Beginners on Budget) Gets the job done without any bells and whistles. Can plug it in and play it straight out of the box. This makes this a perfect beginner DJ turntable that can also be used by more intermediates.

6. Technics SL1200 (Best High-End) This is about as good as a DJ turntable can get for a beginner. It is powerful and accurate, with a direct drive that is capable of just about anything you can imagine. The pitch fader is of considerable quality and opens up a wide range of customization options.

7. DJTech USOLOE (Best from DJ specializing brand) Excellent level of versatility Numerous DJ features, such as hot-cue banks, pitch shifter, and multi-function knob Decently easy to use Exceptional value for the cash Fully digitalized DJ turntable