Best All-in-One Record Players

What to Look For In An All-in-One Record Player Hardware Tonearm Stylus Sound

1. LoopTone 9 in 1 (Best Multi) LoopTone combines several media functions into one multimedia powerhouse, layering a three-speed record player atop a cassette player and CD player, within an aux channel and even an FM and AM radio. If all of this was not enough, you can even convert any of these mediums to digital files..

2. Crosley CR42D-PA (Best Looks) The sound quality delivered by the speakers is pretty good considering the reasonable price And they are rather versatile too, doing justice to a range of different styles of music. Compact design belies the many multimedia possibilities it has to offer.

3.  Boytone BT-28MB (Best External Speakers) The Boytone is perfect for those who want to get into record collecting and such without fully committing, instead being able to use their record player more as a multimedia entertainment system to feed all of their home technology and gadgets through.

4. DIGITNOW (Best Bargain) Can run almost any media format that you throw at it, including anything USB or Bluetooth compatible, going so far as to record them too. Added remote control means that any of these settings can be experimented with and customized from a distance for added comfort.

5.  Crosley CR6233D (Best Weight) Crosley would have quite the monopoly on genocide, at least as far as analog recording technology is concerned. The design on the more upmarket Crosley’s is very desirable indeed, so if you are someone who is very aesthetically minded, then you will not be disappointed.

6. Victrola 8 in 1 (Best Budget) One of the most handsome record players available at this budget that can also unite all of the different elements previously listed that combine to make a home entertainment system worth drooling over.