Top 5 Best All-in-One Record Players Reviewed

What to Look For In An All-in-One Record Player? Hardware Tonearm Stylus Sound

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1. LoopTone 9 in 1 (Best Multi) The design is sleek and stylish while also not weighing too much; it is, overall, compact and lightweight, meaning that it can be placed and carried just about anywhere.

2. Crosley CR42D-PA (Best Looks) The sound quality delivered by the speakers is pretty good considering the reasonable price And they are rather versatile too, doing justice to a range of different styles of music. Compact design belies the many multimedia possibilities it has to offer.

3. Boytone BT-28MB (Best External Speakers) Bluetooth connectivity is smooth and lubricated, easy for anyone less experienced to use without qualms. Setting it up is as easy as plugging in and pressing play, as they say. Memory is programmable for added ease and comfort.

4. DIGITNOW (Best Bargain) Can run almost any media format that you throw at it, including anything USB or Bluetooth compatible, going so far as to record them too. Added remote control means that any of these settings can be experimented with

5. Crosley CR6233D (Best Weight) This is easily one of the most portable all-in-one record players on the market today, weighing in at only 12 pounds, and with removable legs, it can be taken just about anywhere you can conceive of.