5 Top Apps to Catalog Your Vinyl Collection

Are you struggling to manage your extensive vinyl collection? Let's explore the 5 top-rated vinyl apps.

1. Discogs Discogs, the ultimate app for vinyl enthusiasts, not only catalogs your collection but also lets you effortlessly buy new vinyl records.

2. Disco FM Armed with a catalog number or two, you can begin your journey through this amazing interface, using it to track your collection, find new music and create clusters of finds that you can scan in the future.

3. VinylWall VinylWall is another app that does its best to help you chronicle and manage your record collection. Smart search, digital cataloging, and wish lists make showcasing and expanding your collection a breeze.

4. MusicBuddy This app is only available on iOS, but it has to be one of the best in terms of the number of options it offers for filtering, sorting, and otherwise searching through your catalog.

5. Libib This app stands out from the rest because its abilities to catalog are not limited to music releases. You can use this app for just about any commercially available art form you can conceive of.