1byone Record Player Review

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Key Features 1byone is a technology-centric company who are hell-bent on bringing the world the best in leading technologies and ideas. And what better way to show this than by exploring some of the key features of the 1byone record player?

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1. Speakers The sound quality from the dual front-facing speakers is surprisingly decent, considering their smaller stature.

2. Speed Sadly, it just is not a given for a record player to cater to all three of the main vinyl record types, both in terms of speed and size. 

3. Connectivity   The central way to do this is via the dedicated RCA (Radio Corporation of America ) outputs. This will allow you to hook up the turntable aspect to just about any other external stereo system

4. Tonearm This tonearm specifically is of note. Unlike some other similarly-priced competitors, it comes equipped with what is called a ‘soft damping control.’