The Black Parade [2LP] – My Chemical Romance

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The Black Parade [2LP]

My Chemical Romance

‘My Chemical Romance’s third studio effort, “The Black Parade,” stands as a monumental rock opera that chronicles the journey of a character facing terminal cancer. This work is celebrated for its theatricality and ambition, blending powerful anthems with poignant ballads that showcase the band’s signature punk rock vigor and emo depth. Released in 2006, this landmark album benefits from the co-production expertise of Rob Cavallo, known for his work with renowned acts such as Green Day and Paramore.

“Welcome To The Black Parade” invites listeners into an immersive experience they’ll never want to exit. This special edition comes in a limited double vinyl LP format, featuring music on sides A, B, and C, and a unique laser etching on side D.

UPC: 093624933595
Color: Black
Format: 2LP