Top 7: Best Record Player Stands

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Are you looking to upgrade your home environment with the best record player stands that can house your records and record player?

Then step right up. Today, we explore some of the best options for a record player stand on the market!

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What to Look for

Granted, everyone’s individual circumstances will vary. But there are a few key things that each user should look for when searching for a record stand.

Best Record Player Stand

The design will likely be near the top of most people’s agendas. How will this fit into our already established home decor? What will it look like beside our other pieces of furniture? Will it fit in?

The home decor environment of each user will undoubtedly be a little different. If not in the looks, then at least in the intention behind the looks. Thus, it is important for everyone to consider these stands separately so that their own record collection.

The size & weight will also come into play. This is an object that has to fit into the dimensions of life, the universe, and everything.

Some people might simply not have the space to accommodate certain types of record player stands. Whereas some might have so much space that a certain type of record player stand looks a little silly. This also applies to the stand itself. For every record collector will want one that can hold a considerable number of records.

Finally, versatility will be another point for consideration. Some will want a record player stand that simply does what it says on the tin. Whereas others will want one that is adaptable, with adjustable shelves and turntable stands. Even a media cabinet with cable management will transform a living space into a metropolis of organized chaos.

Everyone is different, and if this is the thing that proves it to you, then so be it.

1. Pangea Audio Vulcan TT (Best Amount)

This offering from little-known furniture company Pangeo Audio Vulcan was specifically designed to hold any record player or turntable alongside your chosen selection of discs that you might like to keep handy, away from your larger collection.

Pangea Audio Vulcan TT Turntable Stand with Vinyl Record Storage - Carbon Fiber

Available in 4 different colors (black, carbon fiber, espresso, rose nut), the frame is made from steel. While the shelves are constructed from a premium medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Hence, the very reasonable price and dashing good looks.

These shelves are more than able to hold a considerable number of records. They can also withstand up to 80 pounds, equivalent to just over 100 discs. If this sounds like it might be a little too much for your precious carpet to take, then you will be pleased to hear of the mini sonic saucers that the unit stands on to protect the surface beneath.


  • The feet on which the stand stands are adjustable, making way for any home decor obstructions that might obstruct the route of your decoration desires; similarly, the mini sonic saucers at the soles of the feet are made to ensure that the surface beneath them is not damaged by all the weight it might be asked to bear.
  • And it is a weight, for this unit can hold up to 100 records totaling up to 80 pounds in weight.
  • This is all testament to the sturdy construction and robust design on display here, ready to display and store your records at a moment’s notice.


  • Wood could be of better quality, but for the price, you can hardly complain.

2. Darla Studio 66 (Best Rustic)

Darla Studio has sure brought out something worth writing home about. If you are into all things rustic, then you are in luck!

Darla'Studio 66 Cherry Stained Turntable Stand

The slats through the wooden crates give plenty of space for a room to breathe through. Not to mention allowing you to run a cord through. So that you might organize your cables into a more cohesive and fashionable setup.

The top shelf is, however, best suited for the turntable. So that you can maximize the use of the space provided by the crates in the lower levels. These levels can hold up to 60 discs before beginning to buckle under pressure.


  • This robust and rustic structure can hold up to 60 records per shelf before beginning to buckle under its weight, just like a turntable stand made of wooden crates that you had put together yourself would – how very interactive!
  • Because it is made of crates of wooden planks that are already assembled, there is no need to put it all together as you might have to with a whole lot of the other offerings on this list.
  • The holes in the slats are perfect for threading cables through.


  • For all its capabilities, there are some turntable components that are too large for the shelves – or rather, the stand is a little too small to accommodate them, depending on your viewpoint.

3. Novogratz Concord (Best Division)

Another relatively unknown brand here provides one of the most affordable options on this list. It is also one of the best in terms of allowing you not only to hold your records near your turntable but also to organize and divide them up.

Record Player Stand with Record Storage Vinyl Record Storage Table with Metal Hairpin Legs Turntable Stand Holds Up to 100 Albums for Living Room, Bedroom (Brown)

While the turntable chugs along atop, the slats below deck will be working their own magic to divide a small collection of records into 4 small compartments. Ready for organizational ditties.

The quality of construction does reflect the low price point in some respects. And as such, it is vital that the user follows the instructions as strictly as possible. This is to ensure that the structure is not wobbly when assembled.


  • This stand is sturdy enough for the price, and also offers the option to divide the small record collection on display into 4 organized compartments for even easier access to the desired record at a moment’s notice.
  • Incredible value for money considering what is on offer.
  • The size and density are able to cater to a whole bunch of different models of turntable.


  • Unlike with other offerings on this list, there are no holes through which to thread cables and the like.
  • There can be a little more difficulty assembling this unit than there might be with others on this list – the construction is also vital, for it can make or break how sturdily it is able to hold up the records later.

4. Winsome Leo (Best Customizer)

Another little-known company. It offers an adaptable system of stands that can be extended forth and turned into something that is much more than the sum of its medium-density fiberboard parts.

Winsome Leo model name Shelving, Tall, Espresso

This is likely the cheapest offering on this list. Offering a relatively inexpensive unit that does not take up much space at all. It also maximizes space for the home decor savvy.

Sadly, this low price is reflected in the sheer fact that it cannot accommodate 12-inch records. Arguably the most common vinyl record types. The unit is simply too small for it, though it can fit 10-inch and 7-inch records without any trouble.


  • The construction is remarkably sturdy, considering the extortionately low price point.
  • There are plenty of different sizes to choose from, with all of them fitting into a larger system of stands that can be segmented together at a moment’s notice.


  • For all its perks and claims to be adaptable and customizable, the process of assembly is not exactly the most intuitive, especially when the instructions are said to be missing from the package a lot of the time.
  • This stand is also not designed specifically to accommodate turntables or record players. So, though you can fit even the best all-in-one record player on top, you will not be able to fit 12-inch records below deck.

5. Victrola Wooden Stand (Best for Victrola)

Victrola is a long-established and storied company with around a century of experience in the design and manufacture of audio equipment. Essentially being there right at the very beginning of phonographic technology.

Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Centers with Record Holder Shelf, Mahogany

As you can see, they have clearly set their sights on things other than audio technology. Branching out to create a turntable stand specifically for their own record players. So, if you already own a wooden Victrola like the Navigator, then you are in luck. For this is going to fit you perfectly.

If not, then it should not be too much of a hassle to find one that fits. For it comes in five different colors that could suit just about any retro-styled record player.


  • This stand is made from real wood and so can be depended upon.
  • Though the design itself is rather lightweight and flimsy, it can still hold up to 50 records before it shows any sign of collapsing in on itself.
  • And, if you already own a Victrola record player, then you can stop your search!


  • The metal bars on the main shelf have been known to bend if too many records are leaned against them.
  • There are also reports of wobbling throughout the whole structure of the record player – the current advice is to return it for another if it wobbles out of the box.

6. Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Tower

Though constructed by another unknown internet startup brand, the materials with which it is put together speak for themselves. Boasting a CARB II/FSC Certified particle board and MDF makeup that can perfectly be the rock that a small collection of records and their adjoining record player needs.

Nexera Jasper Audio Tower, Truffle

Thankfully, the shelves are customizable. This means that you can safely accommodate just about any record size.

Likewise, this unit was designed for electronics, with several points for easy access to and for cables. Similarly, encouraging airflow to electronics that might otherwise overheat in the cramped environment.

All of this, plus the fact that it comes in two rather decadent sound colors (truffle and biscotti & black). Designed and built in Canada, and you are really in for a treat.


  • There are several points for easy accessing cables through the back, something that cannot be said for all the offerings on this list.
  • The gaped and open design, on top of allowing for the routing of cables, also encourages airflow among electronics that might otherwise overheat in the cramped wooden space.
  • The shelves are also adjustable, providing a customizable experience that can fit around almost any record size and comestible that the user sees fit.


  • Because it is not specifically designed for records, one of the shelves will have to be removed in order to fit full-size 12-inch records.

7. Foremost 327609 Modular Open Cube (Best Simple)

This offering is part of a modular system of cubes. These cubes can either be used separately or as part of a whole system of interconnected cubes. Fitting anything you can possibly conceive of within their bounds.

Way Basics Modular Connect Open Cube Cubby Storage Stackable Closet Organizer Display Shelf (Tool-Free Assembly and Uniquely Crafted from Sustainable Non Toxic zBoard Paperboard) White

If you are just getting started, then do not hesitate to just purchase one such cube. Keeping the turntable atop and using the inside to store records.

With an easy assembly from hollow-core materials that reduce the weight by over 50%, this is certainly an amazing choice for beginners to storing records and record players in this way.


  • Easily one of the cheapest and most inexpensive choices available on this list, providing an ample opportunity for beginners who are working with less of a budget to form their own record player stand with little getting in their way.
  • The hollow-core materials from which this record player stand is constructed are incredibly lightweight and, thus, are able to be managed and lifted by just about anyone.
  • The modular design is ingenious, allowing for the upgrade and frequent adaptation of the entire record player stand to the heart’s content of each user.


  • The same hollow-core materials that make this unit so lightweight are also the reason this entire unit is not quite as sturdy as some of the other offerings on this list.
  • The design is incredibly basic, something that can work to its favor but also to its disadvantage, perhaps requiring several different purchases to complete one’s idea of decor.

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are feeling better equipped to navigate this intersectional world that treads lines between furniture and audiophilia. Perhaps you even have some idea of where this is all going?

FAQs Record Player Stand

What should I put my turntable on?

You can put a turntable on whatever you like, though a common route to go down is to use a record stand. These can vary considerably in size and shape, though they tend to be cuboids that are at least large enough to accommodate the 12-inch records that are likely to be inhabiting its confines. Though the principal idea of a record stand is to house or hold aloft a record player/ turntable, they are also called upon to house a small collection of records that are in more regular rotation than some others.

How do you make a simple record player stand?

The most simple kind of record player stand is a cuboid shape whose inside is hollow. These can easily be constructed with four pieces of square wood that are more or less the same size. For an even more crude version, you can simply tack these pieces of wood together in the shape of a cube.

How far should the turntable be from the speakers?

Since there is no set distance, this will very much depend on how loud the music will be played, and how noisy one’s home environment is. If the music is going to be played particularly loud, then the turntable will need to be further away.

Does vinyl sound better?

Presumably, this question is asking us to take a stance on the whole debate between CD vs Vinyl. Neither is inherently better than the other. For warmth and analog clarity that is going to offer a real and transformative musical experience, vinyl really is the way to go.

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