10 Rare Jimi Hendrix Rare Vinyl Records

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Want to hear about some Jimi Hendrix rare vinyl? Do you have a few that you might like to sell?

Then you’re in luck, for this is precisely what we will be discussing today.

1. Electric Ladyland

Value: $3700+

Arguably Jimi’s greatest achievement, especially with his backing band The Jimi Hendrix Experience, many still consider this to be the late guitarist at the absolute peak of his powers, stretching how we conceive of both guitar and the recording studio and what each of those can do. And yet, it still isn’t one of the top 100 most valuable vinyl records.

Electric Ladyland

2. Live in Maui

Value: $1800+

In the world of Jimi Hendrix rare vinyl, many of the most valuable vinyl records are those that chronicle his insane live performances. As much as he was a studio innovator, his greatest achievements were often achieved in the heat of the moment, and this bootleg album captures one of his greatest later gigs.

Live In Maui

3. Axis: Bold as Love

Value: $1800+

Another of Hendrix’s iconic albums produced with the Experience, this album continued his forays into studio experimentation, combining a lust for volume with some incredibly gorgeous and tender moments. If you aren’t willing to pay the extortionate price for an original copy, then you can always cop up a reissue.

Axis: Bold As Love

4. Are You Experienced

Value: $1500+

The provocate title of this album asks us whether we are experienced, and yet the lack of a question mark tells us that the asker of the question doesn’t care whether we are or not.

Are You Experienced

5. Electric Jimi Hendrix

Value: $1150+

The details around this unofficial album are scarce, hence its relative price when put up for sale. Since it was not released by Hendrix’s official label, we can only assume that it is a bootleg, albeit a bootleg featuring some absolute bangers.

Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Church - Atlanta Pop Festival

6. Live at Woodstock

Value: $700+

Before reissues were released by the likes of Capitol Records, one of the seminal record labels in the world, original bootlegs of Jimi Hendrix’s seminal live performance were incredibly sought-after and expensive.


Hence the high price these often fetch today when put up for sale, despite the fact that such reissues now exist.

Live at Woodstock

7. Band of Gypsys

Value: $750+

After the Experience split up due to creative differences and the frustration of Noel Redding at not receiving enough creative credit, Hendrix continued his work with an entirely new 3-piece named the Band of Gypsys. This is actually the first album he ever released without his original band and you can hear the difference from the very first song.

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8. Backtrack 3

Value: $730+

The Backtrack series was a way to get people hip to sounds that they might otherwise miss. This record in the series brought together the sounds of the Who and the Jimi Hendrix Experience onto a single disc.

Backtrack 3

9. Live at Winterland

Value: $590+

As ever, one of Jimi’s best albums is also a live album, just going to show that much of his best work was done on the fly. It’s no wonder why many people have so valiantly adopted him as their guitar hero, albeit for many of the wrong reasons.

Jimi Hendrix - Winterland (Target Exclusive, Vinyl)

10. Live at the Isle of Wight

Value: $350+

And, to continue such a true trend, we finish off with yet another amazing and worthwhile live album from a guitarist whose effect on music is yet to dim.

Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, this information has been of use to you!

FAQs Jimi Hendrix Rare Vinyl

How do I know if my vinyl is rare?

The best (or at least the most convenient) way to check whether your vinyl is rare is to look it up on a site like Discogs wherein you can check the relative worth and rarity of your issue of the record against the same issue and others.

What are the hardest vinyls to find?

Since vinyl will be harder to find if there are fewer copies of it in the world, it stands to reason that the hardest vinyl to find are those of which there are fewer copies. Of course, none of this matters if the record is no good or is released by someone who no one cares about.

What is the most valuable vinyl?

The most valuable vinyl tends to be that of which there are few copies but which still begs a demand.

How much is a rare vinyl worth?

This will inherently depend on how sought after it is, the popularity of the artist in question, the condition of the record, and just how rare it is.

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