5 Best Places of Where to Sell Vinyl Records

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Have you come into possession of a whole bunch of records after the death of a relative and know not what to do with them? Are you looking to sell off your precious collection piece by blessed piece?

Then come one and all, as we explore where to sell vinyl records in the 21st century!

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A shop where you can sell vinyl records.

1. Discogs

Discogs is the premiere route through which to shift old vinyl records and arguably the most significant of the entire second vinyl revival.

From humble beginnings and earnest ambitions, Discogs as an enterprise has sculpted a mighty and formidable place in the vinyl record market, democratizing the form and codifying all of the varied sellers throughout the world into one place.

This was something that simply was not done before them, certainly not to so incredible a degree nor so specifically either. Though eBay has been around for what feels like forever now, they never specialized their modus operandi to sell vinyl records online, certainly not in the same way Discogs has.

Even my local record store owner is on Discogs, a resource that he would have been absolutely lost without over the course of the pandemic. During the nationwide lockdown, this was, in fact, his primary source of income.

Yes, many record stores during this time were forced to vend through similar means. However, the pandemic’s grip has loosened a little on the collar of the collective populus. If registered vendors of vinyl records are using these kinds of methods, then you should do the same!

2. eBay

Speaking of which, we move onto the now firmly-established and worldwide bidding market known to us all as eBay.

eBay might not be as specialized in the field of vending records as Discogs. However, it is still a very capable means of doing so if you are inclined this way.

Perhaps you are already a seller on eBay. So, you may not want to set up a whole new account and learn how to use a whole new system. Hence, you would rather use something that you already have set up and already know how to use.

Perhaps, even, you are sold on eBay’s potent and unique seller protection. This offers significant benefits for both the buyer and the seller.

There are many things that set eBay and Discogs apart. On eBay, you can opt for either to sell the item instantly or to instigate a bidding war. The former is, of course, the case for any site vending anything. Whereas the latter sets it apart from everyone else and has always set eBay in a league of its own.

Pricing records accordingly will always attract the best and most serious buyers. So at this stage, do not be afraid to use other sources like Discogs. You must ensure that you are placing the item up for sale at the correct price and in the correct condition.

You will need a PayPal account as well to receive payments, but that is a whole other story…

3. Nationwide Record Stores

Services like eBay, Amazon, and Discogs are all well and good if you like to sell digitally and to individual sellers. However, if you are looking to sell a whole bunch of records and find out what they are worth, you are going to need a seller who can get the job done.

Let us make no mistake. This will undoubtedly be the option that gets you the least profit for the records you are selling. Though, if you are choosing to sell via this avenue, you must already know this.

Those willing to put in the work of cataloging each and every last record in an entire collection (presumably of some deceased relative) will reap the benefits, selling them individually to all those who buy the best-sounding vinyl records online.

Those who are not so serious about selling records or vinyl record sales and who want to get the job done quickly and easily will likely be drawn to this route.

Yes, you could potentially be sitting on a goldmine, one that record collectors will be far more attuned to. So proceed with caution when selling in bulk quantities like so.

The top 100 most valuable vinyl records will be undermined by these larger record store chains as they are always looking to turn a profit. If this is your chosen route, try these:

  • Shake It Records
  • SELL Vinyl
  • Amoeba Records (!!!)
  • DJ Records
  • Starry Night Records
  • Hard To Find Records
  • We Buy Records
  • Dusty Groove

Let us hope that these valuable vinyl records are at least in good hands after the exchange of goods.

4. Local Record Stores

On the other hand, you could always fob off the big chain stores in favor of a local record store. Instead of bargaining with a faceless and often merciless enterprise during the exchange of goods, doing the very same with your local record store will not only help an industry that is bearing the brunt of the virus, one cough at a time.

There is a real immediacy to this kind of exchange. This can be helpful to some who are attempting to barter and exchange in a flash. But it can also be useful to those who prefer human contact to do it.

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Online bidding sites serve a purpose, sure. However, they can often foster a cult of mulling things over and over outside of work hours. These kinds of habits of thought can only serve to thin out your hair and your sanity.

If you want money fairly instantly, then selling at your local record store is likely the best route for you to explore.

5. Direct to the Locals

Of course, you can always sell to the locals. Yes, just as you would sell to individual sellers via Discogs, you can do the very same, but in the flesh. This is, in fact, one of the best ways to get the most for your records, if you have the gift of the gab, of course!

Flea Markets

What is a flea market, you ask? Well, I find it hard to believe that you will not have come across the concept in the flesh before.

You might even have walked your way through one recently, and not know it! A fleak market is simply a place that offers space for vendors to sell previously-owned goods.

These kinds of markets are becoming increasingly common, often being coupled with a more constant market featuring licensed vendors. The emphasis here is on the sustainable consumption of goods. So you can do your bit and earn a few bucks while you are at it!

Besides the minor fee that you will pay to use the stall, the only way is up for your sales quota as you get to keep all of the other profits.

Now, though this favors the seller who is looking to sell their collection piece by piece, you might just get lucky enough that a buyer comes across your entire collection there arrayed and decides to buy it all in one.

It is both easy and difficult to run this kind of enterprise. Anyone can do it, but less can do it well to the point that it feels like an art form.


Though this is another online service like eBay and Amazon, Craigslist offers far more interpersonal relations between buyers and sellers.

Listing advertisements here is absolutely free, unlike eBay. And though the website itself is a little clunky and gnarly, it is immensely popular among those in the know.

You will struggle not to find a seller on here, with the right know-how, of course. You must follow the guidelines, lest you risk losing your selling privileges on there for good. Thankfully, this is not too difficult. Thanks to the dedicated user base and notoriety of the platform, you are likely to find a seller in no time.

The best and worst part of Craigslist is the fact that you, the seller, are the one who sets up the exchange of goods.

This is obviously a plus because it puts the power in the hands of its users. But also can result in a fair few sketchy encounters. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you scope out your buyer as much as you possibly can. You can also meet in a fairly public location and/or be accompanied by a friend.

Besides the kinds of creepy encounters that can be sought out above, this form is also dangerous, as it renders the seller more vulnerable to conning. Platforms like eBay offer considerable protection for their buyers and sellers. Whereas with Craigslist, this is all in the hands of the users.

Thus, you would do your best to always take cash. Often, new sellers are swindled into taking checks which then ‘bounce’ when they are cashed at the bank.

Facebook Marketplace

Though sometimes it can be easy to forget, Facebook Marketplace has been around for some time now. It shows no signs of stopping, even despite the grand brand change from Facebook to Meta.

Much in the same way that Craigslist puts the buying and selling power in the hands of its users, Facebook Marketplace allows its user base to make the decisions and call the shots.

The added benefit of this platform over the others is that there is a more personal touch with Facebook Marketplace. In order to sell there, the user has to already have a Facebook account. This means that they are at least able to make a personal account with a picture and a real name.

Now, this obviously does not guarantee that a seller is actually a real person or that they are legit. Lord knows there has been a fair share of scams on this platform and beyond. I should hope that it has been some time since the average user has been able to place their complete trust in a platform like this.

Still, it is not without its perks. Unlike with Craigslist, you can personalize where the ad for your record is shown. You can change its spread so that other users outside of the city or district that you live in can also see it. Thus, those that are willing to travel a little extra for a deal will be duly rewarded.

Similarly, you can also increase the spread of your selling by joining selling groups on Facebook. This way, your items are shown to others who might not otherwise have seen them.

Yard Sales

Of course, if you want to keep things, even more, local and in your own neighborhood, then you can scarcely go wrong with a yard sale.

Hy-Ko Products 3033 Yard Sale Plastic Sign 8.5" x 12

You can put up this kind of yard sale yourself. Better yet, you can even collaborate with a bunch of your neighbors and create a massive yard sale to attract the attention of any passerby.

For some sellers, this is often the best way to earn the most money on the records being sold. It offers a chance to interact with the sellers on a personal level, to suss them out, and learn their weaknesses when bartering.

There is, as with the flea market, an opportunity to actually negotiate with the masses that have flocked to the yard sale in question.

These kinds of events can be as big or as little as you like. And the fact that you are putting it on yourself means you have full control. Thus, it can be as creative as you want with it. The best part is you can use some of the other formats as well as social media to get the word out about the yard sale, alongside the other kinds of advertising – i.e., posters, word of mouth, etc.


This can also be a valuable way to interact with the masses and get the best price for your records. Though be aware of the risks involved, and do your research on the subject before submitting anything of value forth.

As long as you learn and abide by the rules, an auction is nowhere near as intimidating as you might otherwise have been led to believe.

There are far more auctions going on at any given moment than you might think, and you can find out about them from your local Chamber of Commerce if you are really curious.

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you have found what you came here to find and sold what you came here to sell! It can be challenging if you want to sell vinyl records, but with the right resources, it is definitely achievable.

If you are a newbie with all of this, then check out our site to find more information on vinyl records. Until next time!

FAQs Where to Sell Vinyl Records

Where is the best place to sell my vinyl records?

Discogs or eBay may be the best places to sell your vinyl records. However, they take the power out of the hands of the user in a lot of ways. But they can help you make money quickly.

How much can I sell my vinyl records for?

There are many factors that can impact how much you might be able to sell your vinyl records. Their age, condition, pressing, batch, tide, and the time at which you are selling them. Often, all of these influences and factors swim alongside one another.

How do I find out what my vinyl records are worth?

One of the best ways to find what vinyls are worth is to use Discogs. Even if you do not intend to sell your records through this forum, it can still be a valuable resource. Nowhere else will there be so codified a database of records and their respective prices and conditions. By using this resource, you can match or outsmart your local record store owner when trying to sell your records.

How can I sell my vinyl records?

You can sell via online bidding outlets like Discogs, eBay, or Amazon. Moreover, you can sell records to a record store, whether that be a chain store or a local store. You can sell through a yard sale or an auction. You can set up your own website or use an existing forum of your own to do the job.

Are vinyl records worth money?

The value of a vinyl record is relative to its age, condition, and rarity. All operate within the confines of a sort of trinity where anyone can take precedence at any given time. The most valuable records are those that are old, rare, and yet still in a good condition.

Who will buy old vinyl records?

Just about anyone with a thirst for old wax. Large or small record stores are likely to purchase your records, either in bulk or singularly. The former will likely try to short-change you to make a profit. The latter, however, will offer the opportunity to negotiate and barter.

How much do record stores pay for records?

The value of a vinyl record is relative to its age, condition, and rarity. The most valuable records are those that are old, rare, and yet still in a condition that belies these two previous aspects. If a record is unopened or new, then a record store is likely to pay pretty well for it. Though this will depend on the kind of record store you are selling to.

By Robert Halvari

My name is Robert Halvari - audio engineer and a total audiophile. I love vinyl because it has that natural character which brings music to life. I've been using and testing vinyl record players for around 15 years and I'm sharing my love and knowledge of vinyl by publishing all I know at Notes On Vinyl


    1. Hey Raymond,

      Hope you are well. That’s great to hear and if you were looking to sell them, then you would probably be looking at some serious income on your part, either by selling them as a whole collection to some private collector or pricing them up and listing them individually on sites like Discogs or eBay. Alternatively, keep collecting and see how many you can get!

      Thanks for getting in touch,


  1. I have a big collection of victor vinyl records I want to sell,and I know they are worth some money looking for someone to buy them. thank you and have a good day.

    1. Good day Jeffery,

      Hope this finds you well and in good stead. Your best bet for getting the best price on all these records is to sell them individually on a site like Discogs where you can find the most competitive price at which to sell each record. Simply upload all of these records individually, let them sit there, and watch the money pile in.

      Good luck with your sales Jeffery,


  2. I have a whole box of real 78 rpm records and would like to sale the entire collection, can you help me with information on how to sale these records at the best price?

    1. Hey Ray,

      Hope this finds you well! The way to get the most money out of this big box of 78s is to sell them individually. Though it might be more appealing to sell them off as a whole, you are likely to rinse the collection for all its worth by selling each item alone. Sure, this will take a lot longer, but you are far more likely to get the best price that you seem to desire so much.

      Try using a site like Discogs to catalogue the whole collection and to work out a competitive price at which to sell each record – you’d be lucky to find a record that doesn’t have some sort of presence on that site.

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck with all those records Ray!


  3. Hi I have a box of vinyl records well over 40 years old and there all in top notch condition vw. I also have Madame Butterfly collection. thats never been played or opened 3 albums in the box with a book inside.1963
    all in pristine condition . ANY ADVICE ON MOST PROFITABLE BUT FAST SALE TO WHOM?

    1. Hey Denise.

      If you can be bothered to put in the time, your most lucrative option would be to list them all individually on a site like Discogs where they can lie in wait for a prospective buyer. If, though, you are looking to sell these records fast, then your best bet would be to sell them altogether in bulk.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. have a whole box of records and would like to sale the entire collection, can you help me with information on how to sale these records at the best price?

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