Divide [2LP] – Ed Sheeran

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Divide [2LP]

Ed Sheeran

Released to much anticipation in 2017, Ed Sheeran’s “÷” offers a deeply personal exploration of themes ranging from past loves and family recollections to his musical journey and a year spent travelling the globe in 2016. The album showcases a rich tapestry of sounds, including emotive ballads, powerful rap verses set to hip-hop rhythms, classic acoustic guitar tracks, and uniquely crafted pop tunes. Recorded in various locations such as LA, London, Suffolk, and even while traversing the Atlantic on the RMS Queen Mary 2, the album benefits from the executive production of Benny Blanco and Sheeran himself, with additional input from Johnny McDaid, Mike Elizondo, and Steve Mac. Sheeran’s creative talents extend to the visual, as he conceptualized and personally painted the album’s cover.

The release of the album’s lead singles “Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill” simultaneously showcased the breadth of Sheeran’s musical range; “Shape Of You” reimagines modern pop with minimalist loop pedal magic, while “Castle On The Hill” delivers an anthem reminiscent of Springsteen, complete with energetic beats and compelling guitar riffs.

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