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For those just getting into their new found hobby of vinyl record collecting, it can sure be overwhelming, at least to begin with. Not only is there the absolute tsunami of records and music to choose from and to listen to, but there is also the problem of how exactly to play it!

Unless you have inherited a stereo system from a relative or friend, this can in fact be the most uncomfortable and overwhelming aspect of all. Since there is such a boom of interest in vinyl record collecting and audiophilia, there is, too, an explosion in the amount of record players out there, the kinds of turntables and slipmats that are available etc etc. This is not to mention the veritable flood of new terminology that you might be having to navigate!

It can, therefore, come as quite a saving grace to find a resource that helps you find the best record player with speakers. Now, if your intention is to buy a whole set up, with a turntable and separate speakers and amp etc, then avert your gaze, for this resource is likely not going to be of as much use to you. If, however, you are, for whatever reason, seeking an all in one record player that can spin the records and play them aloud, then step right up for just the resource you need to help navigate this cruel and uncompromising world!

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What to Consider when Shopping for Record Player with Speakers

Prior to heading straight in and finding out the best record player with speakers for you, we ought really to stop, pause, and evaluate a few key things to consider before we do press on. These are criteria that we ought to weigh up carefully when purchasing anything record related (or anything for a substantial amount of money, for that matter), a music related product or the like.

best record player with speakers

Though it is doubtless that everyone’s specific circumstances are different and ought to be treated like so, there are a few key things that just about anyone looking for the best record player with speakers that works well for them will want to heed, things that pertain to the individual specifics of what make these products what they are, as well as how well they conform to the ideal of what you are looking for in purchasing them for your own self.

Technological Considerations

No doubt the main reason you are purchasing a record player with speakers in this fashion is to listen to your dear records on a safe set up that will be able to play them well and with ease, without the need for external speakers. Any good record player worth its salt will, thus, help you do this without any snags or complaints.

The kind of record players with speakers that this article will be delving into are those with a variety of aesthetic looks, whether they be modern reinventions of classic and more vintage looking designs, or those that hold no qualms with then new and the now (or at least the newer than 1960s new).

Thus, these record players with speakers will certainly be able to spin those old vinyl discs of yours, though some will be able to do even more! Some models can even play CDs, spin cassettes, and even transmit and receive radio signals (all the more ironic seeing as it was the radio that almost eradicated the record player back in the early 20th century when record players were popular).

If this home entertainment aspect is not something that you are after, if it seems like it be a little too much stress, more than you have otherwise put down for perhaps, then it is likely that a more modern rendering of a best record player with speakers is not quite for you. Maybe opt for an older model, or an actual vintage record player or turntable instead?

Since there are only two main speeds of the different record types at which records are commonly spun these days, it would no doubt be best for you to check whether the unit you are looking at has these speeds and perhaps more if that it was you are after.

speeds of the different record types

Without doubt, just about any best record player with speakers you are looking at will be able to play the two main speeds, 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm. Though not nearly as popular as it once was, playing records at 78 rpm is still around, albeit in a rare, rare form, so if you do indeed have any discs that need playing at this speed, do make sure the record player you are purchasing can offer playback at this speed.

Sonic Considerations

Many of the record players that you can find on the market today will, in fact, come with speakers already built into the physical mechanisms, and these can more often than not do the job with no questions asked. Some can even be quite incredible, so if you are indeed planning to not outsource the vinyl audio to a set of external speakers , then you are definitely going to want to look for just such a record player; a record player that comes with speakers attached that are up to the task of fulfilling your audiophilic fantasies.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for and intending to send the audio from the vinyl record and the record player to an external set up and thus to some external speakers, you will need to check whether this is on the cards first. Any best record player with speakers worth purchasing will almost no doubt be able to do so, though it is always best to check before your make any hasty financial decisions.

If such an external set up is part of your intention, the main route in doing so would be to send the record player’s signals through an RCA output (name of which is ironically derived from the Radio Corporation of America). These extra cables are pretty cheap and as easy to setup as just about anything else with cables in the multimedia home entertainment market.

Bluetooth is another such option for outsourcing the audio of a best record player with speakers, though this of course comes with an inherent dip in audio quality. Some record players even offer an aux port, meaning that you can plug in anything else that you have and wish to feed through the inbuilt or, if the case arises, external speakers, thus having the record player act as more of a home entertainment system and transmitter of signals than it otherwise would be.

Hardware Considerations

Though there are an esteemed lift of benefits that a best record player with speakers can offer, there are several things that will be missing from the whole package, particularly for those more audiophile listeners used to older record players from days gone by or used to stereo systems with separate turntables etc.

For example, you will likely not find many (if any) of the various intricate extra details that make older vintage record players such a valuable and sought after commodity in the modern record collecting market. This includes (but is not limited to) such things as tonearm weights and any other extras that will be of use to the audiophile aiming to get the optimum possible playback from their record player.

However, some instances of the best record player with speakers do allow the user to modify the stylus cartridge, which can instantly reinvent the otherwise undesirable sounds you might be receiving from the setup, whether this be as a result of the inbuilt or the external speakers. Any serious audiophile would insist that the changing of the stylus cartridge is a top priority, if you do indeed choose to use a best record player with speakers as your chosen steed upon which to roam.

Owing to the relatively low price point and the simplicity of these machinations elsewhere, the inner workings are likely to be mainly belt driven, as in the days of the inception of record players. These kind of drives are ideally suited for the dampening of vibrations, the rubber of the belt doing a more than reasonable job of absorbing extraneous shocks to reduce the amount that might be transmitted to the record and the stylus and thus to the speakers.

Its relative, the direct drive turntable, does, however, have has its own advantages, so it would be best for you to weigh these pros and cons up before making a decision. The direct drive, for example, has a faster startup speed since the motor is directly under the turntable platter, making this a more ideal choice for the aspiring disc jockey.

Byron Statics Suitcase Record Player

Even if you might not be so familiar with the brand itself, for they are relative newcomers to the best record player with speakers game, you will without doubt be familiar with their work. With this here suitcase record player, they offer an affordable and functional take on a form of record player that ought to be familiar to anyone who has had even a glance at buying their own record player with speakers in our modern epoch.

Just as with other suitcase record players with speakers of this kind, the Byron Statics take on this familiar record player attempts to make portable what once was not. Within seconds you ought to be able to pack away whatever record you were joyfully spinning, click the lid shut, and be ready to go. In this way, it is a perfect accompaniment for someone who has a home stereo system but is looking for a way to listen to records outside of the house. Perhaps you are a crate digger looking to check out your latest finds while on the road?

Where the Byron Statics suitcase record player with speakers excels is in the price point. If you are someone looking to get involved with vinyl record collecting but is operating with a smaller budget than the hobby otherwise permits, then here is your man! The onboard speakers do the job, and you can always export the sound out to external speakers later down the line when you have saved up enough to buy a separate speaker system.


  • Lightweight and portable design; perfect on the move
  • Relatively affordable
  • Upgradable speakers and stylus
  • Stylish animal friendly faux leather case
  • Welcoming to beginners


  • Low maximum volume on inbuilt speakers
  • Subpar inbuilt cartridge
  • Relatively poor bass output
  • No settings to adjust the tonearm

Jensen JTA475B Three Speed Turntable System

There are scarcely more competitive all in one record players than this beast right here! The Jensen JTA475B has got it all, truly a best record player with speakers! If you are indeed looking to save some money by buying an all in one but don’t want to forego sound quality, audio fidelity, or style, then the Jensen just might be the one for the job.

This is the kind of package that will be of particular use to the audiophile vinyl collectors who is also a collector or otherwise purveyor of other musical formats. Got a whole bunch of old cassettes that you don’t know what to do with and that are gathering dust in your garage or attic? No sweat, the Jensen has got you covered.

It wasn’t long ago that CDs were in every car and just about every store, and now they are being left to gather dust and lie face down in the mud impoverished and discarded. No longer, for they can still be put to use through the these adjoining speakers thanks to the Jensen. This thing is more like a home entertainment system than a record player, so for someone seeking something like that, this is the perfect product.


  • Relatively affordable price
  • Added features including bass boost
  • Comparatively well performing speaker system
  • Free remote control included
  • Can receive AM and FM radio signals
  • CD and Cassette decks included – multimedia, here we come!
  • Offers an unusual three speeds of playback (33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm)


  • Cassette deck is limited to just playback
  • Noisy CD player, and not that kind of noise!
  • Remote control is fairly limited, only allowing for changes of volume on the fly

Wockoder Classic Record Player

Again, you would be forgiven for never having come across this brand before, though I would suggest that this relative unknown should be trusted, for they are fine purveyors of one of the best record player with speakers around, and have been attracting a considerable amount of attention of late for their takes on classic turntables. For anyone looking for a more modern take on a classic or retro turntable/record player, then look no further.

This version of the best record player with speakers is stylish and sleek and bound to turn the heads of any audiophile who dares to enter your sanctimonious listening environment. It also has the goods to provide, not simply just style over substance. The inbuilt speakers do a more than adequate job of transmitting the sounds of your favorite records through the machinations of the record player itself, though there is of course support if you should like to upgrade the various innards, including the use of external speakers, and the stylus.

This new version of the classic model has attempted to improve on something that already excelled in its category, with an improved bent on shock absorption so that your favorite records can be spun without any interruptions, skips, blips or distortions.

Thus, many of the components and inner workings are customisable, allowing you to perfect the mechanisms while still keeping the sleek, stylish and aesthetically pleasing outer shell as perfect decoration in your humble abode.


  • Output to external speakers / input to internal speakers
  • Lightweight yet sturdy package
  • Relatively affordable price tag
  • Offers three speeds (a rarity these days)
  • Bluetooth optimisation and connectivity
  • Belt drive motor
  • Improved shock absorption internally


  • Decent sound quality could be improved upon considering the size of the speakers
  • Flimsy tonearm area
  • Not as easily portable

Victrola Vintage Three Speed Suitcase Record Player

Victrola have been in the game of manufacturing record players and selling them on for almost as long as record players have existed at all. They were, in fact, one of the major players in the advent of the gramophone at the very turn of the 20th century, so they are likely to be a brand upon whom you can rely.

The original Victor Talking Machine Company was the largest and most prestigious firm of its kind in the world at the time, on the very cutting edge of gramophonic and phonographic technology, though probably best known for its use of the iconic ‘His Master’s Voice’ trademark and the production, marketing and design of the popular ‘Victrola’ line of phonographs.

After its inception in 1901, Victor rapidly became the dominant recording company in America for over six decades, retaining its status after merging with the Radio Corporation of America in 1929 to become RCA Victor, the original side of the company continuing with the manufacture of phonographs, records, radios and other products.

This particular best record player with speakers reflects the rich heritage of the company within the realm of the record player, combining aesthetically vintage appearances with more updated inner mechanisms to provide a new user base with the best of both worlds, occupying the space between record player and turntable.


  • Automatic cueing mechanisms
  • A panoply of different color options for the more style conscious
  • Easily portable suitcase design
  • Bluetooth optimised and ready
  • Ability to route audio to external speakers for the prospective audiophile
  • Three speed compatible and able to play each of the three main record sizes
  • Welcoming to beginner collectors and those just starting out
  • Comparatively decent sound quality considering the size of the speakers
  • Relatively affordable considering how reputable the brand is


  • Another flimsy tonearm
  • The affordability is felt in several of the components, including the platter itself

Jopostar Vinyl Record Player (with Speakers)

So, on our journey thus far we have seen record players more suited to those on the move and in need of a portable and easy to transport best record player with speakers. Simultaneously, we have seen units that lend themselves more to being left at home as part of a home entertainment system. We have seen record players which hark back more to classic record players and turntables, those with added tonearm functionality, for example, contrasted with those newer takes on vintage design, those that are bluetooth enabled and function more like a home entertainment system.

So, what if I were to tell you that there is a record player that can do all of these things, and all without you needing to break the bank or lose hair stressing about a crazed financial purchase that you might have made on a whim without proper consideration?

Not only is the Jopostar record player a perfect addition to any home set up, it is lightweight and thus easily transported, making it perfect for use in a disc jockey mixing set up alongside another turntable. Not only can the Jopostar offer external playback via RCA outputs and Bluetooth to external speaker set ups, it can also route audio via USB into your computer, so that you can capture forever an ailing record before it dies on you, or perhaps upload to the internet an album that you otherwise haven’t been able to find and which you know the world would appreciate.

Someone has to do the lord’s work. How many times have you searched for something so obscure on YouTube that you did not even expect to get a result, and then found the search no problem? Each and every time someone just like you had to upload that music or piece of content. Be the change you want to see.


  • USB compatibility – can send vinyl to computer for easy conversion, or can send signals into the record player from your mobile device
  • Other external outputs, such as Bluetooth and RCA, mean that you do not have to solely rely on the inbuilt speakers
  • Which are, however, perfectly up to the job, for they are dual surround sound stereo speakers with a strong bass response for the size
  • Can play all three of the main record speeds and all three of the main record sizes, no sweat
  • Affordable and a downright steal considering the price


  • The speakers are more than adequate, and exceptional considering the price, but could always be improved if routed out to an external stereo system

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully this comprehensive and extensive journey through some of the top examples of the best record player with speakers has been of use for you in your own journey of buying just such a record player. Or, perhaps it has been useful for you in an inverse sense, where before you were completely set on owning a record player with speakers and are now, instead, wanting to invest in a dedicated stereo system with external speakers and the like. Or, on the other hand, perhaps you were previously considering just using your prospective new record player as just that, a record player, but are now wholly debating whether or not you might instead use it as more of an all in one home entertainment system. Or, perhaps it is the case that…

FAQs Best Record Player with Speakers

Which record player has the best sound quality?

I would think that there isn’t one, certainly not one holistic all encompassing, omnipotent, omniscient record player with sound quality that trumps all others. The answer to this question will undoubtedly vary depending on whom exactly it is posed to. A turntablist, for example, would no doubt have a completely different answer than your average sometime vinyl collector, for they are approaching vinyl collecting from such different ends of the spectrum; why would they have the same answer if they are indeed using their record players for entirely different purposes? So, too, the answer would be different were we to ask a teenager, content as some are to tear the inner workings of a record’s grooves to shreds with some of the cheaper iterations of a Crosley catastrophe.

Do record players have good speakers?

This will no doubt depend upon whom you ask, and on which record players you are referring to. Some sincerely do not have very good speakers, and are in fact bought more for aesthetic reasons. The styluses that these kinds of suitcase record players are installed with from the factory are usually sub par and can have a serious effect not only on the sound output but also on the face of the record itself, though these are admittedly easily replaceable. There are, however, record players which are more than capable of offering good playback of your favorite records. Thus, the answer varies however you look at it and from which angle you are viewing it from.

Do record players sound better than speakers?

Well, first of all, most record players will have inbuilt speakers, though I have no doubt that you mean to ask whether the inbuilt speakers of a record player are better than using external speakers. This will of course depend on the angle from which you tackle it. There are some high end all in one record players which will no doubt be better than a whole host of poorly designed external speaker units made without love or care. The same is true for the inverse, of course, for there are similarly made record players lacking in any love or care, which, when contrasted, with the playback from high end and carefully constructed external speakers, don’t even bear thinking about. It is, however, a rule of thumb that external speakers tend to offer higher quality playback across the frequency spectrum compared to that of a record player.

What Hi Fi best turntable with speakers?

The quality of a Hi Fi turntable can vary greatly depending on the person’s opinion and the specific model. For instance, some suitcase record players are often purchased for their looks rather than their audio quality. The factory-installed stylus can be low quality and damage both the sound output and record. However, there are turntables that offer good playback. Ultimately, the best turntable depends on what one is looking for and how they are viewing it.

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