6 Best Record Inner Sleeves for Vinyl Lovers and Collectors

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Want to know how to keep your records safe and sound? Want to know some of the best record inner sleeves so that you can preserve your collection forever and ever?

Then step right up as we explore some of the best record inner sleeves on the market today and the reasons why to invest in vinyl inner sleeves.

Best Record Inner Sleeves for Vinyl Lovers.

First Things First

Before you do anything with the inner sleeves or record outer sleeves, the first thing you will want to do is give your record(s) a good old clean. If you do not already know how to clean vinyl records, then now might be a good time to start. Otherwise, you are just bringing in all of the dust, dirt, and debris that using an inner sleeve is attempting to negate in the first place.

There are several ways to clean a record properly. Many opt simply to use a vinyl cleaning solution. Though others take their craft a little more seriously.

The latter might be inclined to use a machine like the Spin-Clean Record Washer, which is a good machine for those on a budget. Higher-end models like the Okki Nokki are perhaps best reserved for those who are essentially starting a production line of record cleaning.

What to Look for

The best vinyl record sleeves will tend to contain or be formed entirely of high-density polyethylene. Unlike MoFi sleeves with their rice paper finish. Polyethylene covers make for the best record sleeves because of their smooth finish, which reduces friction and static build-up.

Sometimes, an outer or inner sleeve will feature a center hole. Not only is this nonsensical, when placing the record onto the turntable with the sleeve on, but it more or less beckons dust to come in through the front door to play.

Paper sleeves – not the MoFi inner sleeves made from rice paper – are to be avoided if you can help it. These are often harbingers of dust and paper residue, which is left to sit and sully the record. If it is a collectible paper sleeve, then keep it inside, but otherwise, throw it away.

1. Mobile Fidelity Original Master Record Inner Sleeves

Manufacturer of some of the finest audiophile reissues on the market today, Original Master Recordings is about as reliable a brand as you could hope for to replace your original inner sleeve.

Sure, MoFi records have not been receiving the best press lately, according to the Washington Post. But their products in this vein are quite exemplary amongst vinyl storage solutions. Storing records surely never felt so sleek.


2. Diskeeper 2.0 Anti-Static Inner Record Sleeve

Get rid of that paper layer now and rid your records of static while you are at it. Though new on the market, Diskeeper has already proven itself to be one of the most accomplished manufacturers of the best outer sleeves and best inner sleeves.

This 50-pack of inner sleeves is no exception. It comes in with a more affordable price tag than those manufactured by Original Master Recordings.

Diskeeper 2.0 Anti-Static Record Sleeves (50 Pack)

3. Big Fudge Premium Master Sleeves

Though they make a whole bunch of these darned inner sleeves, this is easily the best they offer, constructed with a 3-ply polyethylene and rice paper polymer.

One of the main gripes with this one is that one of the sides is not as transparent as the other, so it would certainly not suit albums whose art is vital on both sides of the record.

BIG FUDGE Premium Master Vinyl Record Sleeves - 50x Record Inner Vinyl Sleeves for 12" Vinyl Record Storage - Clear 3-Layer LP Sleeves with Anti-Static Rice Paper - Acid Free, Archival Album Sleeves

4. Vinyl Storage Solutions 12 Inch 2 Mil “Rice Paper” Inner Sleeves

Operating out of Canada, Vinyl Storage Solutions summarily attempt to do exactly what they say on the tin with this one. With a reasonable thickness under their belt, these 2-millimeter sleeves sandwiched between rice paper are anti-static and fully recycled.

Considering the price, the fact that these have been made from recycled materials is truly extraordinary.

BMC x 50 Vinyl Record Sleeves for 12 inch LP| Inner Antistatic Acid Free Sleeves for 33 RPM LP Premium Storage | Rice Paper | Ideal for Single, Double and Gatefold

5. MoFi (Mobile Fidelity) Inner Sleeves

For many, these are the gold standard of paper inner sleeve replacements. I have heard some say that they have even used these sleeves for as long as 30 years. As archival quality record sleeves go, these are highly revered and hard to fault.

Made from a paper layer sandwiched between two sheets of high-density polyethylene, these feel like a significant upgrade from any basic paper-lined sleeves that you might have received with a record. The feel is luxurious and safe.


6. Rounded Bottom Inner Sleeves

Here is something fun for you to try! While all of the other options here arrayed have been square in construction, this boasts a rounded bottom.

These are a bit of an acquired taste as it can be quite difficult to get the record to sit right in the larger album sleeve. Still, though, they are a lot of fun and worth investigating as some believe them to be more averse to the kind of wrinkles and crinkles that have plagued vinyl users for decades.

(100) 12" Round Bottom Record Inner Sleeves - 2 Mil Thick - Archival Quality, Anti-Static HDPE #12IH02R

Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you have found this collection of the best record inner sleeves useful and have found the right one for you so that you can keep your collection safe and sound forevermore.

What are the best inner sleeves for vinyl?

A lot of this kind of thing is down to personal taste. Many, in an effort to do the planet a favor, would prefer to use a rice paper inner sleeve. However, the best inner sleeves for vinyl tend to be made at least partially from polyethylene. This high-density plastic boasts incredible robustness. This makes it averse to the kind of wrinkles and crinkles that have plagued record collectors for decades.

Are inner vinyl sleeves worth it?

This remains to be seen by each individual record collector, but they certainly have a number of objective benefits that cannot be denied. For one, they are far better equipped to keep out dirt and dust than paper sleeves. Likewise, they can also help to reduce the build-up of static.

What is the inner sleeve of a record called?

The inner sleeve of a record is called an inner sleeve. Some have been known to call them dust sleeves or album liners. Though this is the kind of thing that is slowly wearing out as older generations of collectors die off.

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