Best Headphones for Hip Hop and Rap Music Reviewed

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What are the best headphones for hip hop music? Hip hop and rap are unique music genres – they can’t be defined or described as easily as pop, for instance, as there are numerous performers who are improving it and redefining it up to date. That, however, is all the more reason why you need a good set of headphones to experience what these performers wanted to show us.

You’ll need a bass-heavy set of headphones with a not-so-neutral sound signature for the best experience, and, depending on your budget, we’re here to show you around several models that are scattered throughout different price point categories. Let’s get to it:

Best Headphones for Hip Hop and Rap Music Reviewed
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Best Headphones for Hip Hop Music or Rap

1. Sony MDRXB650BT

Brief overview of key specs and features:

Let’s start off with Sony’s MDRXB650BT – a remarkable bass-heavy set of Bluetooth headphones. This model features NFC connectivity, exceptionally accentuated bass, and 30 hours of total battery lifetime. It also features a built-in microphone which makes answering the calls easier. Rap music really comes through on these headphones, hip-hop beats boom low.

On top of that, the ear pads are cushioned, providing as much comfort as possible. They look modern and have an exquisite sound signature.  These sound great with the best audiophile turntables.

What we liked?

First of all, Sony’s MDRXB650BT is a plain headphone set. There are no confusing features that would make them hard to use, but what really makes them ideal for hip hop is the enhanced, heavily accentuated bass. They also come in three color options, if black is not your favorite one.

What we thought could be improved:

Sony’s MDRXB650BT is a bit bulky, so expect some fatigue to come your way after extended use. That’s the only flaw these headphones have.

Our verdict:

Generally, Sony’s MDRXB650BT offers great sound quality, plenty of bass, and excellent response. They’re not overly expensive, although they don’t come cheap either – all things considered, they’re well worth the buck.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Huge bass response
  • Optimal impedance
  • Durable


  • Bulky design leads to fatigue after a while

2. Bluedio T2

Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic/Micro SD Card Slot/FM Radio (Black)

Brief overview of key specs and features:

The last over-ear headphones in this review are Bluedio’s T2 Extra bass Bluetooth headphones. As far as aesthetics are at stake, you’ll need to search far and wide for a better-looking model. They feature 57mm drivers which offer dynamic, full-spectrum sound, as well as a tremendous bass response.

To top it all, these headphones come outfitted with soft foam muffs which negate some of the ambient noise while keeping you comfortable at all times. The design of these headphones is foldable, which makes them compact and easily transportable.

What we liked?

Apart from looking amazing, these headphones sound like a beast. They’re also packing some serious firepower – the 57mm drivers are bigger and more powerful than most which are outfitted to some of the more expensive models.

What we thought could be improved:

In truth, Bluedio’s T2 headphones are quite cheap, but they’re also built from flimsy materials. Invest extra care when you use them or they might not last you for long.

Our verdict:

These headphones have “superb” written all over them. They’re not even remotely expensive and pack quite a punch for the buck, although the flimsiness might make the slightly less desirable than some of our previous picks. Pairs well with all-in-one record players.


  • Excel in aesthetics
  • Big and powerful drivers
  • Come in three color options
  • Long battery lifetime
  • Soft foam muffs


  • Flimsy build

4. Betron’s YSM1000

Betron YSM1000 Earphones Wired in-Ear 3.5mm Headphones with Bass Driven Sound, Tangle-Free Wire, Noise Isolating Earbuds for Laptop, Computer, Smartphone

Brief overview of key specs and features:

We’re closing the curtain with Betron’s YSM1000 headphones. Even though this is an underdog brand, you don’t need to fret about a single thing – these earphones are remarkably cheap, offer a deep bass response, and, generally, they’re perfect for hip-hop and rap music.

The sound signature of these headphones is characterized by heavy, accentuated bass, but the overall stereo sound is quite balanced, meaning that all aspects of the soundstage are present (similar to studio headphones). These headphones feature an in-ear design and isolate most of the ambient sound.

What we liked?

Generally, the best thing about these headphones is the price – they’re among the cheapest, yet quality headphones you’ll find for hip hop, no matter how hard you try. The sound isolation they offer is pretty cool, and the bass-heavy sound signature makes them ideal for this kind of music.

What we thought could be improved:

In essence, cheap headphones can’t compare with more expensive models in terms of performance – the sound stage is balanced, but the quality of sound you’ll get from these in-ear headphones isn’t exactly perfect.

Our verdict:

Great headphones if you’re on a tight budget, otherwise most people would dub them as “mediocre”. Regardless, they’re perfect for hip-hop music, given that they promise high-quality bass response and much detail in sound.


  • Very affordable
  • Durable metal construction
  • Decent sound isolation
  • Balanced, bass-heavy soundstage


  • Mediocre overall performance

Buyers Guide

Sound signature: While casual listeners (regardless of the genre) prefer a neutral signature, hip hop, as well as rap lovers need just a bit more bass over the top. The heavily accentuated rhythm in this music genre is meant to be enjoyed with higher lows, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get if you try out some of the headphones we recommended in the sections below.

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Food for thought – neutral signature headphones don’t “lack” anything per se, but certain songs might appear bland without the extra bass topping.

Design: Aesthetics are important here – you want your headphones to complement your style, not the other way around. Good-looking headphones aren’t exactly “demanded” in the hip-hop culture, but if you already have the opportunity, why not pick a set that looks awesome while you’re at it?

If you are indeed looking for the best phones for hip hop music that excels in aesthetics, you’ve come to the right place. Sony’s MDRXB650BT looks amazing, but TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling headphones don’t lag too far behind either.

If, on the other hand, earbuds suit you more, we recommend Sony’s Extra Bass Bluetooth headphones – these earbuds boast excellent sound quality and don’t even cost too much.

Headphones or Earphones: The question “are headphones or earphones better for hip hop” is quite old. In fact, a correct answer doesn’t exist up to date, but if we’re to reform it as “do we value convenience or performance more”, we’d be closer to finding it.  Try listening to some DJ Kool Herc in them and you’ll notice a serious difference.

Headphones are generally bulky, but they look awesome and usually provide better noise isolation. What’s more, headphones feature a larger body which is capable of storing more features, but exceptions on the other end are possible as well.

Earphones are definitely more convenient – they are lighter than headphones and in most cases, you won’t even feel them. However, they tend to bring the problem of tangy cables as well. It falls up to you to decide which type suits you better, but for the sake of diversity, we’ve added a few models of each type in our review.

Price: If someone told you that “best headphones for this kind of music cost a ton”, dismiss it this instant. There are, of course, excellent models that belong to the boutique-level price point category, but there are also more affordable options that could bring you an exquisite listening experience.

Hip hop fans, we hope that we helped you out with our review. Sony’s headphones and earbuds are generally your best option, but don’t feel shy to rely on underdog brands such as Bluedio – their headphones are capable of going toe to toe with industrial-leading giants such as Audio Technica or TaoTronics. We wish you luck in finding the best headphones for hip hop!

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